In 2021, Nida Al -Nasser accused Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad of sexual flirtations aka sexual harrassment. Mirza Maghfoor is the oldest brother (see page 12) of the current Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. On Dec. 31, the daughter of Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad came to his defense over allegations of sexual flirtation.

Ahmadiyya sources are claiming that he lives in the USA and has lived here for at least 10+ years. However, this seems strange, we never saw him give any speeches uptil 2010. In 2010, he seems to have been made as the President of the USA Jamaat. Which is the highest position for an Ahmadi in the USA. A quick google search shows that he lives in Bloom, Kansas. Another fake website claims that he lives in Dodge City, Kansas and works at Dodge City Medical Center Of Kansas on their website, they claim that Dr. Ahmad graduated from the Nishtar Medical College in 1971. He works in Dodge City, KS and specializes in General Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Other Specialty and Vascular Surgery Dr. Ahmad is affiliated with Western Plains Medical Complex and Meade District Hospital.

Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad has been very aggressive in his approach to Ahmadi’s in the USA, he accused young Ahmadi’s in America as experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. There is more also. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad explains how young Ahmadi’s in America are leaving Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate.

His siblings

1935—Amatul Raoof

1936–Mirza Idrees Ahmad (deceased)

1940–Amatul Qudoos

1947—-Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad

1950—Mirza Masroor Ahmad
Who is his father? 

He is the son of Mirza Mansoor Ahmad  (1911-1997) and the grandson of Mirza Shareef Ahmad, who was the youngest son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It should be noted that Mirza Shareef Ahmad never wrote anything about Ahmadiyya, he did join the British Military, most likely in-charge of the famous Ahmady company in 1941, during WW-2 and an impending Japanese invasion, nevertheless by 1947, he was still listed as an officer.
His children

—Nakasha Ahmad (daughter, assistant editor, ROR)
Minneola Hospital

Dr. Mirza Ahmad is a board certified General Surgeon and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He and his wife, Matul, have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Dr. Ahmad finished residency in 1977 and spent 5 years in a surgical residency finishing in 1982 at Saint Agnes in Baltimore, MD. This is where he worked for 3 years before he moved to practice in Indiana. In 2000, they moved to Dodge City and he performed surgery there for 18 years. Dr. Ahmad now does General Surgery weekly at the Minneola Hospital. When asked what he loves the most about surgery, he says it is helping his patients for a good outcome and a better life. Dr. Ahmad believes “The standard of care here at Minneola Healthcare can’t be compared to anywhere else. Being in a small town hospital doesn’t deprive anyone of the standard of care they deserve. I choose to be here.”

He is born. The month is unknown.

Per Webmd, he graduates from the Nishter Medical College.


He gives what seems to be his first ever speech at a National Jalsa Salana of the USA.

He gives another speech at a national Jalsa. This is at the National Jalsa Salana in the USA of 2011.



Dr. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad

He becomes Chairman of the Board Of Trustees for Humanity First.

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