This was posted over at the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. In 2017, as Qasim Rashid was building his political profile and thus getting himself published in online magazines which might have a significant following. In his essay, he argued from the best source on rape in Islam, a famous hadith which clearly states that the death penalty would be given for those who commit rape. It should be noted that the context of this hadith is lacking. We assume that this incident was in some kind living area and the rape had occurred just moments before it was reported. Thus, in this type of situation and maybe others, the death penalty should be given. In fact, there is no ruling from any school of law which stipulates 4 witnesses for a rape charge. Thus, Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s blunder on the famous leaked audio looks like a sword over his head.

MGA never wrote on this topic, nor did any of the Khalifa’s. Harris Zafar also wrote that 4 witnesses are not needed, this article was deleted soon after the big audio leak.


An extract from the article:

“On the contrary, on numerous occasions Prophet Muhammad punished an accused rapist on the testimony of the rape survivor alone. In this environment of gender equity, women in Islam rise to the rank of legal scholars, warriors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists while lovingly embracing identities as mothers and housewives”

Full article link:

Qasim Rashid and Haris Zafar are two of the most followed Ahmadi writers on Twitter. They often produce writings that share the Ahmadiyya belief of presenting a likeable version of Islam to the west. Why are these two silent now that they have both been exposed to have contradicting the updated Ahmadiyya belief? Why do they not clarify where there research is from otherwise admit they themselves are untrustworthy sources of information? Where there original beliefs researched and approved by KM5?

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