#JusticeforNida is getting picked up slowly by most media outlets (see the Samaa TV article). We recently heard the story from the Muhammad Azhar Siddique – MAS-youtube channel (see at the 6:00 mark). In this video Amjad Chaudhary tells the story of #JusticeforNida. He does make some small errors, for example he claimed that Zaitoon FM broke the story, we love the crew at Zaitoom FM, however, Aaqa Ka Ghulam broke the story first herein, this was on 12-11-21. Zaitoon FM made their video, which was an amazing video and we love AK Shaikh and his team on 12-12-21 (the next day after they quadruple checked the authenticity of the audio). He also says that the raping’s only happened in Rabwah, Pakistan, however, that is incorrect, since her father Mirza Luqman Ahmad raped her in the UK.

Nevertheless, in this video, they discussed how #Ahmadis are stuck living in a “state-within-a-state”. This is true, Ahmadi’s are always told to never go to local courts, instead, Ahmadi’s are ordered to report their problems to murrabi’s aka employees and thus go to Jamaat courts. They also mentioned how Rana Tanveer is the main journalist covering this story and is doing amazing work. What Amjad Chaudhary doesn’t know is that Rana Tanveer also covered the Ahmadiyya asylum scandal just a few weeks ago.

Amjad Chaudhary mentioned how the Ahmadiyya Movement has so much power in the UK, this story remained hidden for many months. However, Rana Tanveer was able to do the internal work needed to get this story out.


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