We have found quotes to a book from 1944 wherein the 2nd Khalifa stakes his claim to the Musleh Maud prophecy. We have also posted additional quoted from 1944 in the below, via Rana Tanveer and his academic work on Ahmadiyya.

Mein hi Musleh-e-Maud ki Peshgoi ka Misdaaq hun, Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 17, p. 204

“Then came the time when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Ira passed away. At that time, a rift arose within the Jamaat. A group of people – who were regarded as the administrative setup of the Jamaat, who occupied Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya and were responsible for the treasury and under whose influence were the influential figures of the Jamaat – began to say that there is no need for Khilafat. Eloquent speakers like Khawaja Kamaluddin Sahib, famous writers like Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib, famous traders like Sheikh Rahmatullah Sahib, famous scholars like Maulvi Ghulam Hussain Sahib who has many students in the border area, Dr Mirza Yaqub Baig Sahib who is a wealthy man and a property holder and doctor, Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah Sahib, all gathered on one side and said that people wished to destroy the Jamaat by making a child a Khalifa.

“The child they were referring to was me and at the time, I was 20 years old. God is my Witness that I had no idea that questions were being raised about me becoming the Khalifa of the Jamaat. Allah is my Witness that neither was I involved in these things, nor did I know anything of it. This came to my knowledge first and foremost through Sheikh Rahmatullah Sahib, owner of the English Warehouse. I heard him saying in the mosque with great enthusiasm that the Jamaat was being destroyed for the sake of a child.” 

The fate of those who rejected Khilafat

Mein hi Musleh-e-Maud ki Peshgoi ka Misdaaq hun, Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 17, p. 206

“The poor section of the Jamaat pledged allegiance to me and the so-called ‘big figures’ were separated from the Jamaat. One of them was Dr Mirza Yaqub Baig Sahib. As he left, he pointed to our buildings and said, ‘We are leaving because the Jamaat has not treated us well, but you will see that in ten years’ time, these places will be occupied by Christians and all these properties will be taken from the hands of Ahmadis.”

“About 2,000 people pledged allegiance to me at that time, while most of the outside Jamaats had not yet performed Bai‘at. Even Paigham-e-Sulh [the magazine of the Paighami group] wrote that 95% Jamaat is with them and only 5% is with Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. But then two months had passed – in fact only a month had passed when the whole Jamaat joined in my allegiance and Paigham-e-Sulh began to write that 95% of the Jamaat is with Mirza Mahmud Ahmadra and only 5% is with them.” (Mein hi Musleh-e-Maud ki Peshgoi ka Misdaaq hun, Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 17, p. 206)
Mein hi Musleh-e-Maud ki Peshgoi ka Misdaaq hun, Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 17, pp. 209-210

“The world tried as hard as it could, but in spite of its efforts, God made us grow and develop in a way that was beyond our imagination.

“When I became the Khalifa, we had only 14 annas in our treasury and a debt of 18,000 rupees. Even when I wrote the first announcement in my Khilafat, whose title was, ‘Who can stop the work of God?’, I did not have any money to publish it.

“At that time, our maternal grandfather had with him donations that he had collected from people for the mosque. He gave 200 rupees out of that donation to publish the announcement and said that when the money started to come in, then the 200 rupees could be returned. The announcement was published by borrowing that money from him.

“But at that time, when the prominent members of the Jamaat were against me, when the leaders of the Jamaat were against me, when the treasury was empty with only 14 annas in it, when there was a debt of 18,000 rupees, when the majority of the Anjuman was against me, when the secretary of the Anjuman was against me, when the headmaster of the Madrasa was against me, I published the following words in that announcement under the will of God Almighty:

‘God Almighty wants the Jamaat to be united at my hands and no one can stop this will of God now. Do they not see that there are only two ways open for them? Either they should pledge allegiance to me, to prevent the Jamaat from division, or they should follow their baser desires and uproot and throw away the sacred garden, which was watered by pious people with tears and blood. Whatever has happened, it is in the past now, but there is no doubt now that the unity of the Jamaat is possible in only one way and that is to pledge allegiance to the one whom God has appointed as the Khalifa. Otherwise, every person who goes against him will cause division.’

“I then wrote:

‘Even if the whole world accepts me, the status of my Khilafat will not be affected and if everyone abandons me (God forbid), even then there will be no effect to my Khilafat. Just as a prophet remains a prophet when he is alone, so is the khalifa a khalifa even if he is alone. Therefore, blessed is he who accepts God’s decree. The burden which God Almighty has placed on my shoulders is a great one and I cannot do anything without His help. But I believe in the Holy One that He will always help me.’”
Al-Maud, Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 17, p. 547

“I have been narrating this revelation to my friends for a long time. As a result, notice in how many ways I was opposed, but Allah the Almighty granted me victory. The ghair mubai‘een [those who denied to perform Bai‘at] spread false propaganda in the time of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Ira, that there was an attempt to destroy the Jamaat for the sake of a child. But this proved to be ineffective.”
“Friday Sermon April 14th, 1944.” 1944.

Their second caliph Mirza Bashirudin Ahmad Mahmood in April 1944, in an address
to his followers said:

“with the grace of God, there would be a day when countries of the world
would be under our control”. 

Urging his followers for the aggressive stance, he said:

“Blood of the Muslims who died fighting in Spain is demanding us for revenge. Only true
Muslims will go and raise the Islamic flag there”

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