About 22 days ago, on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum, an anonymous group of Ahmadi’s put together a petition and asked for signatures. This was started by a female Ahmadi in her twenties, she posted a google form that 126 people filled out. My name is also on the list, #44, I also see lots of Ahmadis from California, I need to reach out to them asap, if they are reading this, get in touch asap!

Sohail Ahmad aka @reasononfaith spoke to her and confirmed that she is a chanda paying member of the Ahmadiyya Movement. She is using the email address: Just today, she emailed me and said: the Open Letter to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was electronically sent to Huzoor’s office and the national amlas of the U.S. and Canadian jama’ats. I’ll also be sending physical copies of the letter via certified mail tomorrow. Any response will be forwarded to all signatories. I want to thank all 136 of you who signed. Over the past week, some of you have expressed disappointment at the number of signatures we’ve collected, while others have expressed excitement. I can understand both perspectives. But ultimately the conversations this letter motivates –- more than the number of signatures  –- will determine its success. To that end, I encourage all of you to keep this dialogue going! People who feel comfortable should share a copy of this letter with their local sadr. Others should keep talking to family and friends. And of course, please do not hesitate to reach out if I can be helpful in any way.

The letter in PDF format

Open Letter to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Leadership

22 days ago, she said: 

She writes:

Like many of you, I have spent the last few weeks thinking about how to productively respond to the released audio call. I was inspired by the many calls –– both online and in my personal conversations –– for Ahmadis to take collective action. I ultimately decided to pen this open letter that other Ahmadis can sign onto.

While I hope that Nida gets the justice she deserves through UK law enforcement’s investigation, this open letter calls on Jamaat leadership to address issues of rape and sexual abuse more broadly. As the letter states, only registered Ahmadis are permitted to sign the letter in order to protect our members who reside in countries where Ahmadis are persecuted.

If you do not feel comfortable signing and would like to send a version of this letter privately and directly to your local leadership (or even to Huzoor), please reach out to Also posted on /ahmadiyya.

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