In this video I explain the stupidity of Theodore Williams, whom I exposed before herein. I also explained how in Islam children have rights to food, clothing and respect. Even in America, there are child labor laws that my father, Khadim Shah and his eldest son Khurram Shah broke just for their own benefit. In Islam, Muslims are allowed to disobey their parents if they are asked to do un-islamic things, morally questionable things and etc, and that is exactly what I did in 1991. I stood up for justice, which is a major theme of the quran. As a result of my private questions, Khurram Shah told on me (and my other brother), just to get brownie points with his father and secure the family business for himself, he is that competitive. In 1995, Khurram married his cousin (Qanta Shah) and she encouraged him to quickly make the business their’s and thus totally rob his family.

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