There is a clip floating around on social media wherein the 4th Khalifa says that the Ahmadiyya Khilafat would not last and would turn into a worldly (dunyavee) khilafat, we have archived this on tik tok also. Mirza Tahir Ahmad was suffering and about to die and seems to have told the truth, he died 4 days later. A few years later, Ahmadi’s around the world started circulating a writ by Mirza Bashir Ahmad (from the 1960’s), wherein he said the same thing, this was suppressed by the Jamaat. To be fair, Ahmadi’s on social media are arguing that Mirza Tahir Ahmad meant in 1000 years, however, this isn’t proven, they argue that just before the day of judgement, the ahmadiyya khilafat will fail. Further, the 2nd Khalifa seems to have had the same type of utterances, Khalifa II’s dreams can be found here: The one that mentions the year 1427 (which is 2006):

Another one related to the above:


Ironically, one of the sons of MGA, namely, Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote a book in the 1960’s which implied :

“The khilafat in the Jama‘at will not remain in its pure form forever, but will degenerate into a hereditary institution after the first four khalifas. Apparently, Mirza Bashir Ahmad drew a parallel with the history of the early khalifas of Islam, when after the first four khalifas, who were truly worthy of holding this office, the headship deteriorated into a worldly monarchy in which succession was by descent, and not by the true Islamic worth of a person.” (Translation and quotation directly to the statement of Zahid Aziz, who is a Lahori-Ahmadi top scholar).

This quotation came from a Friday Khutbah by Mirza Masroor Ahmad from 2005 wherein he addresses this entire book which was written by an uncle of his. I quoted in the above a word for word explanation by Zahid Aziz. Zahid Aziz has translated many of MGA’s books into english, he also runs a blog, I discussed the split with him for many years.

English Translation of Dream and visions of Syedna Mahmood (RA)
Vision number 390 – 26th March 1946
Syedna Mahmood (RA) described a dream of his that was published in a book
called “Dreams & Revelations of Syedna Mahmood (RA)” and is also
recorded/archived in Al-Fazl April 13th 1946 in first edition, page 302 and in last
edition under 384, page 312.
“I had a dream that I am riding a horse, and that there are six or seven men
that are also riding horses and appear to be Generals of an Ahmadi army. But it
appears that they have strayed from the right path that was established for the
Jamaat by me and are leading the community down the wrong path. I admonish
them and though they recognize me, yet they do not like my interference. (It
seems that this is at a later time, centuries have passed and it is as if I’m
reborn and have come back into this world.) There is then an argument
during which they attack me and want to kill me so the people would not know
my teachings and how they [Generals] have taken the people down a different
path. At that time, I have in my hand a very long sword. It is two to three times
longer then a normal sword and I am using it very easily. We keep fighting and
riding our horses in a certain direction. There are more of them, but I am ably
fighting with them and have landed effective blows on their shoulders. I also
receive some minor blows on my body but I do not feel any pain.
While fighting, we get to a house. We get off the horses and enter it. It appears
that a portion of the Ahmadi army is standing outside this house. Once we are in
the house I again try to explain to those people [Generals] that their
interpretation of Islam is incorrect and that they have gone astray from the path
that I had guided them on. And that their behavior is inappropriate because the
right to elucidate was given to me by the Almighty and they should pay
attention. All these explanations have no effect on these people and they persist
with their stubbornness. It appears that they feel that by accepting my logic they
are afraid of losing their leadership status and it is their desire that I should
agree with them and validate the new course that they [the Generals] have
chartered for the Jamaat. When I got tired of explaining, I then opened a
courtyard door that is in the opposite direction of where the people are sitting
and I intended to address the Jamaat myself. When I opened up the door then
these people promptly opened the other door and [the Generals] ordered the
army to kill me. When I opened the door and stepped out then I saw that the
house is on a higher ground and I have to step down four or five steps to get to
the courtyard. Right next to the stairs there is a wall with small windows where
an army is standing in rows in the courtyard. They are completely armed and
their upper body all the way till their chest can be viewed from the wall. When I
get out of the house it appears that I am accompanied by three or four men. I
descend down a couple of steps to face the army. At that time, the rows of army
that are next to the wall tried to attack me under the order of those Generals. I
stood up commandingly telling the attackers – Soldiers! I am your real
commander (I am thinking in my dream that I should introduce myself as I have
come back to the world) How can you dare to attack your Commander. Some
soldiers are confounded and waver in attacking but the Generals continued to
provoke them. At this time I instruct two or three companions of mine to raise
the slogan of Allah hu-Akbar. They raised the slogan but there is no echo in their
voice because of a buzzing noise due to the large army and this affects a few
people, at this stage I said Soldiers – I am your Commander. It is your duty to
obey and follow me. At this point, I saw recognition and obedience on a few
more faces and tell them to raise the slogan of Allah hu-Akbar in a loud voice.
Contrary to my habit, I too loudly raised the slogan of Allah hu-Akbar. When I
raised the slogan it was as if though it struck fear in the hearts of the entire
army and everyone raised the slogan of Allah hu-Akbar in a thundering noise and
the entire area rang with the echo of slogans. At this point I command them to
follow me and started leading them ahead and I saw that the entire army is
following me in rows. The army appears to be at the peak of their youth and
force. It seemed as if their steps were earth-moving as they struck the ground
with zeal. There is complete silence in the land and the sound of the army’s
footsteps behind me is creating a peculiar kind of music.
I am taking them with me on the road. This road curves around a mound of land
and after it curves then I see there is a big room on an elevation and it has a
crowd of people that is also a part of the Ahmadi army and waiting for the
resolution of this dispute. One man among my companions rushed up to the
room and tried to convince the officer who was at the door that I am the
Jamaat’s Commander and I have taken over the leadership due to the mistakes
of the Generals and as such, he has come back into this world. I recognized that
man [at the door] right away as Chaudhry Mola Buksh Sialkoti Marhoom (Father
of Doctor Major Shah Nawaz Sahib). Mola Buksh sahib says to my companion
that if this is true then why weren’t we [their group] informed earlier? I
interjected by replying to Chaudhry Sahib that I am the Officer. It is my job to
decide how and when to inform. (I have given a brief answer to avoid getting
into the details of my encounter with the Generals) Then I say that I am going to
Sialkot where we have some friends and you folks should come join our army.
Chaudhry Sahib promptly agreed and ordered the army in the room
to proceed. Then I started walking behind the army that had started with me
initially and I had ordered them to move ahead during my conversation. At this
time I saw another army has joined me and I am walking between the two
armies and waiting for the army from Sialkot. At this time I thought that the
army in Sialkot has the ability to protect themselves from this disturbance and
when I arrive there then with their support I will eliminate this resistance. My
eyes opened in this condition.”
Interpretation: (By Syedna Mahmood (RA) Himself)
“The interpretation of this dream is clear, it seems that in some later time during
the time of this uprising, the Sialkot Jamaat will have the opportunity to standby
and sacrifice for the Imam of the time and some one who will be from me and
will receive the Almighty’s bounty because of the relationship with me. He will
demolish this uprising. It is a strange incident that about fifteen or sixteen years
or maybe even a little longer, I had a dream that I have come back in the world
to eradicate an uprising and I am delivering a speech on Tauheed and people are
accepting my message and in the dream I am thinking that this is happening in a
hundred and twenty seven years. The interpretation is not evident at this time
but it is possible that this is 127 years from Hazrat Messiah Maud’s claim or 27th
year of 15th Hijri century or 27th year of 20th century Gregorian calendar,
though presently its explanation is not definite. Allah will make this evident in
due time.” (Alfazal – 3rd April 1946 Page 3-4)

English Translation of Dream and visions of Syedna Mahmood (RA)
Vision number 466 – date April 1948
Dream and visions of Syedna Mahmood (RA) Vision number 466 – date April 1948
He said before my journey to Peshawar I had a vision which in such latent
language that I was puzzled in the dream as to what it is about and it so much
affected my mind that when I woke up even then I remained astonished for
some time then a word was put in my heart and I got the interpretation. “ I saw
that I am in Qadian and inside that latrine which Hazrat Masih-e-Maud (as) used
for answering the call of nature. There is a similar wooden frame and
underneath it is the pot for the stool. I am sitting in the position to discharge
stool and it seems the feces discharged by me is runny and it spreads somewhat
on the corner of the wooden frame. When I began cleaning I felt that I have
inclined on one side and likely to fall off from the wooden frame and due to this
inclination the stool which had fallen on the frame touched my trouser (shalwar)
to make it filthy and when I tried to balance myself then I tilted myself in the
opposite direction and this causes other part of the shalwar to get filthy. There
upon I cleaned the filth with the use of water in the Lota (water container used
for personal cleansing). While doing this I feared that there may not be enough
water so that I may wash the trouser (shalwar) but I was able to clean it and I
cleaned my body as well. After this there was enough water in the pot which I
used to make ablution and stood up on the frame to say my prayers and I was
facing east. The situation is such that if the house could be shifted towards
south then that site will shift to the west of Masjid Mubarak where Hazrat Masihe-
Maud and Maulvi Abdul Karim Sahib used to say prayers. But actually in
between there are some rooms and the latrine is about 30-32 feet in the north of
the Masjid (mosque). When I am saying prayer one young man arrives and
stands on my right hand side and two young men came and stand up on my left
hand. I feel like that the young man on the right hand is without beard and
moustaches and on the left side is Mian Ghulam Mohammad Akhtar Sahib and
then besides him a young man without beard and moustaches. All of us are
saying prayer and that also collective prayer. At that time I get worried as to
which place to perform Sajda (prostration) The frame on which I am standing
there is fallen filth on it and then where my companions are standing is the place
where the urine and filth flows. No doubt the man on my right hand is on the
wooden frame but that is also part of latrine. Then in this nervousness condition
I looked upon my feet I found to my astonishment that the wooden frame for
sitting has changed into a prayer frame for saying prayers and is all clean.
Likewise the space on the left on floor where two young friends are standing is
also completely dry and clean and there is no filth over there. Thereupon I
commenced the prayer and after Qiayama knelt for “Rakooh”. After Rakhooh
stood up I heard some ‘buzz’ and movement and where it seems that in Masjid
Mubarak the prayer service is being performed and people are saying the
prayers facing west. When I stood up the young man who was beside Akhtar
Sahib Address to the people saying prayer in Masjid Mubarak that “we have
advanced some what” I feel it strange in dream that this young man is
performing prayer and also talking. Then we performed sajda (prostration) and
the floor was completely clean. Then stood up and began the second rakat and
when I resumed standing posture after Rakooh then the same young man again
said to the people saying prayers in Masjid Mubarak that “we have further
advanced”. There after I woke up.
Said:- It inspired my heart to look what is the meaning of stool in Arabic. The
word for stool in Arabic is ‘Baraz’ and baraz also means a war and also the anus
from where the stool exits. Therefore my mind diverted in this direction that to
stool and to be in the latrine means to be in the state of confrontation and to
fight as if by making preparation we shall proceed towards Qadian and because
of this battle will get closer to Qadian.
The scene of latrine of Hazrat Masih-e-Maud(AS) means that we should follow
the way of Hazrat Maish-e-Maud (AS) as he used to in a situation of tussle and
confrontation. He used to say prayers and also used material resources but he
put more emphasis on prayers.
Said this is a Glad tiding dream. In there are also worrying aspects (sentences).
There is a situation of competition i.e. in which we have a battle like situation. In
the dream I have seen four people. This is worrisome. Although it is correct that
the space (in latrine) was very limited that there are only three or four people
can be seen but it also means that only a very small portion of jamaat will
participate in this battle and all others will be deprived (Al-Fazal 1 May 1948)
Note: This vision is supplemental to Syedna Mahmood’s vision number 390,
26th March 1946

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