A Muslim named Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah wrote a book about Ahmadiyya about 40 years and the Ahmadiyya Movement responded in 1994 with “Three in One” by Naeem Osman Memon. Naeem Osman Memon was a fanatical-Ahmadi, Naeem Osman Memon was also as editor for the ROR, he also worked as a translator for the speeches of the 4th Khalifa and other writings of MGA. His father was Eshaq Osman Memon, and he seems to have worked with the Ahmadiyya movement in Kenya (East Africa) back in the early 1930’s. You can read about the history of Ahmadiyya in Kenya herein.

In this book, MGA’s claim of being “Jai Singh Bahadur” is discussed. Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah translated it to mean, ‘a sikh name meaning victorious Lion’. However, Naeem Osman Memon disagreed. Naeem Osman Memon translated it as: ‘Hurrah! for the courageous Lion!‘. This revelation was published after MGA died, see Al Hakam, vol. x No. 32, September, 1908, p. 1.

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The history of Ahmadiyya in Kenya


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