At the recent 2022 #jalsausa or #usajalsa, the Ahmadi Murrabi Rizwan Khan calls questioning Ahmadi’s as dead rats. He asserted that people who question and criticize are hypocrites. We must stop talking to them, boycott them, “crush them” and expose them to Jamaat. In reality, when someone leaves, families are harassed, not allowed to attend your marriages, encouraged to boycott. In Qadian and Rabwah, you would be thrown out of the city, in certain cases, your own wife and kids would be forced to boycott you. In Qadian, shopkeepers won’t sell you groceries if Khalifa didn’t like you. You will be labelled murtad and munafiq. (The only reason we dont go to these lengths is not because we changed, but because laws in these countries are humane. They wont allow such abuse to flourish. But the abusive tactics are still used routinely). A year or so back u/doublekafir had posted about Rizwan Khan’s one QA session where he talks about munafiq and it seems his Jalsa speech has a lot of overlap with his answer. Link.



 You will incur Allah’s wrath in this world and the next for meeting with and engaging Munafiqs. “You will be seized and disgraced.”

23:55 “It is our duty to crush them, even if it means crushing those believers who have sympathy with them, and it is the duty of every sincere Ahmadi to help me in this regard and informs me of such people.”

26:16: Oppose Munafiqeen, and report them to Khalifas, help crush the Munafiqeen.

Multiple places he says to root out Munafiqs and crush them. Felt like a Taliban Mullah honestly.

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