Insiders are reporting that a student at Jamia last year committed suicide after he saw the gay sex games and other indiscretions. His name was Nofal Bin Zahid. The Ahmadiyya Movement-Canada reported that he had a heart attack, however, the truth is that he committed suicide. He died on February 19th, 2021. Another Jamia student from this era was Rana Luqman who was Charged with Production of Child Pornography and Extortion in Relation to Five Minor Victims. This was posted on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum in August of 2022.



He is listed as a “team member” for an Ahmadiyya event. Abstracts of Speeches and Speaker Profiles of the Holy Qur’an and Science Conference 2014. The international conference on the Holy Qur’an and Science.

He seems to have represented the Ahmadiyya Movement at a CITY OF VAUGHAN

He commented on a post by al-Hakam.

I don’t have words to describe the impeccable writing… Mashallah… It gave me the feels!!
Heart-wrentchingly emotional painting drawn by these words.



He dies at Jamia-Canada.

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Filza I posted a symbolic gesture
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
In the living memory of a very dear soul.. My mind is so numb as we are all grieving a great loss.. As much as I try to follow the great example of Nofal’s family members in showing an exemplary level of patience, my heart still cannot believe that you are not amongst us anymore… Seeing you today, you were all grown up, but my heart is still reminiscing the little Nofal, running around his yard, playing, getting hugged and loved by his sister, laughing and running after his brother, playing videogames with my brother, the one always ready for khidmat, so enthusiastic about helping others, cheering up everyone and enjoying every moment in life. Before leaving for Belgium, Nofal left a gift for my newborn baby… A giver, a kind hearted soul who showed love no matter young or old.. I was pleasantly surprised and am forever grateful…. You remembered, I will never forget… Every memory I can think of contains endless moments of laughter and joy. Ever since I can remember, you were one of the youngest, funniest and always prone to injury, every time you recovered and set a brave example for us all. I remember when we were young in Abu Dhabi, how you always loved running games and cricket. Laughing uncontrollably while telling a joke that you cut out from a newspaper, laughing with your eyes.. you were the best joke/storyteller. I remember when I was visiting for a sleepover and we would have breakfast, Nofal was always so quiet and disciplined, he would find the best, most respectful time to speak and have some funny story to tell or share something fascinating that he had watched. He would always mind his own work and never be a bother to anyone. I was going through my email and saw an essay that you sent from high school… Nofal always always open to feedback, learning from everyone… During Hazoor aba’s visit to Canada, Nofal would drop off tabarak at our house.. not for anything in return and sometimes would tell us after he was gone. If we ever dropped him off, he was so humble and never asked for anything… This would always warrant us to want to spend more time with him… Always honest, giving… Abu said how you sent him and mom tabarak Janimaz, while sitting in Belgium, had them delivered to Toronto… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… Allah Bless…….. Nofal, being a giver, was always ready to share… After his travels to the US in his holidays, he would share such insightful stories… Teaching and learning. Always ready to lead namaz, always giving azaan… best tilawat, religious knowledge and I remember learning the prayer for after namaz from him … In our entire generation, Nofal set an unmatched example, a devotee of the Jama’at, a huge gap that cannot be filled. I remember visiting your mom to see that she had a study table and headphones so neatly setup and said this is where Nofal studies… Allah Bless your family, your wife, your baby… To Him do we belong and to Him do we return… Love and miss this really great example of a person… Allah Hafiz… Filza

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