The Mirza family are a gang of sick people, they openly rob families and make relatives fight each other. In 1977, Mirza Nasir Ahmad demanded 100k rupees from Atfal and Nasirat, which are kids age 15 and less. This is madness, since they aren’t even making any money, especially in Pakistan.


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“””Our Annual Rallies are held every year but there did occur some breaks. It is now the fourth year, since 1973, that this Rally was last held. Due to this reason, coupled with the slackness of the Central administrators as I understand, the number of the participating Majaalis (branches) is lower in this Rally than those of the 1973 despite the fact that scores of new Majaalis (branches) and Jama’ats have been established since 1973.

This year 493 branches have participated while in 1973 as many as 546 branches took part in the Rally, with 1954 foreign Khuddam and 1856 Rabwah Khuddam, totalling 3810 Khuddam. What has gone wrong is gone. May Allah the Exalted grant us forgiveness. This mistake should not occur next year. We should ever march forward. The second thing I would like to say is that the Khuddamul Ahmadiyya was entrusted with the responsibility of collecting contributions from the Atfalul Ahmadiyya for Waqf-i-Jadid. The young Atfal (boys) and Nasirat (girls) of Ahmadi families were required to pay collectively one hundred thousand rupees (Rs. 100,000) during the current year. But even the pledges received so far amounted to nearly 68,000, while the actual amount received is only Rs. 28,000. Hence, I hereby draw the attention of all the local office bearers of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya of each branch — whether they are present in this Rally or could not attend due to slackness — to try to acquire the pledges in accordance with the budget and escalate the speed of getting the pledges redeemed. We should have probably received half the amount so far but even in this respect there is a deficiency of Rs. 28,000. Hence pay heed to make up this deficiency. May Allah the Exalted empower you to do so.”””

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