We have bumped into a Qadiani-Ahmadi murrabi from Qadian, India who straight up calls all Muslims as terrorists (see the screenshots in the below). I bumped into this weirdo a few weeks ago on instagram (@murrabi_aatir) and exchanged unpleasantries. However, I kept him as a follower on Instagram. Just recently, I got into a conversation with him and he straight up called all Muslims in the world as terrorists. This proves that this is what Ahmadi’s are taught, in fact, we exposed how younger Ahmadi’s in the USA think the same way via their true islam discord server. This guy grew up in Qadian wherein there are no Muslims at all, in fact, there are barely 0.00005% Muslims on the India side of the Punjab (from qadian to Amritsar and up to Gurdaspur, a 50 mile triangle. This is why he is openly cussing at Muslims as such. I asked as to why there is an ocean of trash at Qadian, why do shopkeepers piss in the street and why are there pig farms close by, he refused to answer.


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