The Ahmadiyya discord server has been totally exposed in the below. We have archived them admitting that they twist video’s and purposely attack Muslims all over the world on behalf of the Mirza family. We exposed Ahmadi jutt herein, and Aijaz Ahmad herein. We have also posted about Zevius aka SomeplaceSnowy on reddit.


Tell The Truth, or Someone Will Tell it For You – Ahmadis Years of Deceit and Lies Unveiled!


In this document, I am hoping to expose to all readers the true behaviour and attitude of the Ahmadi’s most knowledgeable and well-known people from the “Ahmadiyya True Islam” Discord server.
With carefully selected snippets from conversations they were having among themselves or whenever they are talking with those who frustrate them you will all come to know the true beliefs of Ahmadiyya that they keep down low and their true attitude towards non-Ahmadis too.
I would like to say for any Ahmadi that is reading this, I hope you ask yourself if what you find here is acceptable to you in any way.
Now with that said, I should add to anyone who confronts them with any of these that if you find any one of them claims these images are photoshopped or edited in a way that they assert they never said a single word from below which they are quoted as saying.
Then ask them to take an oath by Allah سبحانه وتعالىٰ‎ and for Him to curse them if what they are claiming is found not to be true. On top of that, if they foolishly take that oath to you, send a screenshot to me so that I know who from among them are indeed shameless liars!

The Evidence:

I will now present the below screenshots and snippets with a caption above presenting a little context. You will all have to trust that the context is accurate.

I’ll begin with the below relating to this server of ours before it was renamed “The True Islam” Discord server.

Below you will see Ahmadi Jutt threatening a user for being in what we once called the “Ahmadiyya Fact Check Blog” server with a ban on their server for simply being in there:

Here is a random small video uploaded by Bini mocking Sunnis who debate or discuss with them.

If you find the link doesn’t work anymore, message me if you’re interested in seeing this cringe-fest:

The link is here:

Bini is further caught saying that they need to keep users that are “stupid” in their Ahmadiyya Discord server since it gives the impression they as a movement are “factual” to onlookers:

The below is just for you Moejahid, this was one time which I saw you tell the truth (😉): #NotanAhmadiHat

Here is the same Moejahid and “Crash” (who is going by another name here) just casually insulting Hindus:

Moejahid is also seen here insulting Christians and when asked to apologise he refused to do so:

Beyond insulting Hindus and Christians, Moejahid insults Sunnis as well by sharing a meme he had made equating Sunnis with Jews:

Ahmadi Jutt is also caught saying Sunnis and Rafidhis are both like Jews:

By the way Nanonium, Moejahid, and Ahmadi Jutt.

Listen carefully. By you all affirming a story with regards to Prophet Elijah (عليه السلام) which is relayed and believed in by Jews and Christians exclusively and which has no backing in Islamic sources. It is you that has not only 1.) gone against the command of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) by believing in them without a basis but 2.) become just like them!

Let’s not also nit-pick how you label your scholars MuRABBIS and believe hell ain’t eternal similar to the Jews who were reprimanded in the Quran. And as a side point, your MuRABBIs are found to be ‘naughty naughty’ too!

Should I mention too when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad heavily praised the Queen who was the leader of who you’d call the Dajjal (the Church) extensively? (And no, this is not comparable to the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه واله وسلم praising some qualities of the Romans as you would probably respond with being the masters of false equivalences that you all are!)

Moving forward…

Ahmadi Jutt is seen here casually saying Sunnis are terrorists and should be vetted. Crash just adds “LGBTQ” implying we Sunnis are akin to them:

Here is Ahmadi Jutt calling the former Pakistani Prime Minister a “Stupid Pathan”. This is just the beginning of what I shall show is his hatred for Pashtuns.

Moejahid is seen here discussing with other Ahmadis whether they as Ahmadis believe that the Arsh (that is, “the Throne”) of Allah is created or uncreated per their own beliefs.

Keep in mind that the Sunni belief is unanimous that the Throne is a creation of Allah and not some metaphor for some unique attributes of Allah as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad once claimed (which is one proof that he is a false Prophet/Messiah):

Also Thee Obama, if you need to quote some people be they heretics to try to prove there is a difference of opinion when there is not. Do not bother.

Ibn Umar رضي الله عنه (a Sahabi) already made it very clear that the Throne is a creation, not some attribute of Allah (making it eternal as you lot believe in).

Here you will find Moejahid casually seen listening to his favourite love songs (with women that have their awrah exposed).

I believe you were engaged, Moe, what happened?

Here Ahmadi Jutt is seen saying that he hopes that I (Trial and Error) die the worse death possible!

It makes a change from when he would claim I was a “full pedophile” that should be hung from a tree and whipped and that I’d love to have teens alone in some room with zero evidence whatsoever.

This hypocrite is someone that demands evidence (4 witnesses!) from Nida for her accusations that she made to his beloved leader but would happily go around making slanderous remarks himself against his opponents accusing them of disgusting things with nothing to work from in doing so.

Now then.

Below I will share a screenshot from one of the many alt accounts that the Ahmadis used when infiltrating our server.

With this one account which was operated by “Fawaz”, they had Moejahid go through some of the arguments in our “Answering Ahmadiyya” channel in an attempt to refute them so fellow Ahmadis in Ahmadi only aren’t to be worried about them.

Little did they know, I was listening to some of his “refutations” as he was doing it and they were very very very poor.

Some included him looking past their official “” website articles which I refuted.

Moe, I know you’re reading this. If you dispute this I know you recorded the session. Upload it for all to see.

But I am sure the recording will never see the light of day…

I wonder why…

👆 “Uncle Iroh”, also known as, “Fawaz”.

Here you shall see Zevius and a (later) converted Ahmadi female seen alone in a voice channel talking.

Moejahid in such a scenario is supposed to be listening in to prevent the possibility of indecent talking occurring but he has deafened himself… so who knows what they were truly talking about?

A female Ahmadi is seen here asking if Bashir (Ahmadiyya Fact Check Blog) is either agnostic or atheist.

Khurram Shah, who is Bashir’s brother claims that Bashir is in practice an atheist but pretends to be Muslim:

Ahmadi Jutt comes in and says Bashir is either a Kafir or a Zindiq. And says that associating Bashir with Islam is blasphemy.

Also, Harry (who is someone that Ahmadi female knows in real life) and “Trial” (that is, me) are ‘borderline kafir’ and ‘jahil’.

Khurram agrees with him and says he spoke the truth:

What should probably strike you from this conversation is Khurram, the guy who publically claims to not in any way declare someone to not be a Muslim (by doing takfir) is doing exactly that here and not just doing it here he has done so in the past publically too.

See this tweet of his in the past 👇

And below you will see a Tweet from him where he informed me he never takfirs anyone.

Well, that turned out to be a complete lie!

As Bashir has claimed to be a Muslim but Khurram say he is an atheist. If you put 1+1 together, what does that tell you he is doing to him? Declaring him a non-Muslim.

Hence by all extensive purposes, Khurram did indeed takfir him.

Keep in mind, that Khurram says he wouldn’t takfir someone who claims the Quran has 2 fewer verses or that Ali رضي الله عنه is “God” (astaghfirullah) but he will happily do takfir on his brother who refutes Ahmadiyya.

By the way, Ahmadi Jutt and Zevius have openly takfired me (Trial/Adam).

Here is a screenshot of Zevius takfiring me and I’ve not got any screenshot saved from the time Ahmadi Jutt has done so but if he isn’t hiding his beliefs as he sometimes does, he’d happily say I’m a Kafir along with Zevius if you just ask them.

Moving onto this character known as Zevius…

His real name is Zaryab Farooq and he is from the San Francisco Baypoint California area in the United States of America.

He lives 15 minutes from Bashir Shah and works with Amazon Web Services in a software engineering role.

Here is his LinkedIn and a photo of him:

Here you will see him in a video uploaded from their own YouTube channel asking the current Ahmadi leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad a question:

And here is this same Zaryab (Zevius) wanting to hack someone’s whole life and wanting to leak their identity because they denied a hadith.

He says he is not joking and would pay someone to do it.

What was sad was when these screenshots below were previously leaked, he insisted he was joking despite clearly saying in the very same screenshots that he was not.

Sadly a few people like a person who went by “Katorchi” were manipulated into believing Zevivus but Alhamdulillah he came to his sense and since left this Ahmadiyya cult.

Even other members were surprised by his reaction:

Here is the same Zaryab (Zevius) heavily insulting a 13-year-olds mother in Urdu.

Zevius will tell you that the kid was insulting Ahmadiyya and him first but Zevius is much older than him and was aware of his age.

If you do not speak Urdu, I suggest you ask someone to help you translate it (and preferably not a family member as its NSFW):

I am sharing Zevius’s identity first, as can be seen, only because it is already publicly available so much so his full name is openly on his own Twitter account as well and he put it there.

But more importantly, he could very well be a threat to Bashir Shah given he knows and mentioned once he lived close to him in the Ahmadi only chat. And as can be seen above with his anger issues and instability that he sometimes threatens to harm people’s lives and is abusive to them. So if anything happens to Bashir Shah, this guy should not be ruled out as a suspect.

Nevertheless, enjoy one of many examples of the suspicious behaviour of Zevius:

The guy (Mikael) above is a Sunni who almost left Islam because of liberals. He said Salafis were not a reason he did not begin to dislike Islam and if he is reading this, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was reported as saying: “A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend.”

I know some Ahmadis meet with you in real life. They do this for no other purpose to befriend you and open you up to accepting Ahmadiyya. This is something they worked on with some jahil called Masroor which worked and there is a guy called “Asher” among them who is doing this currently with some female that calls herself “Hippo🇵🇸#6748″ in the “Ahmadiyya True Islam” server currently.

Be careful who you befriend as you may find yourself accepting their viewpoints, some of which is heresy but many of which is kufr. If Salafis did not harm you as you said, join them and befriend them. I’ll be sharing my Discord server link which you were in previously and there is plenty of Salafis in there.

Nonetheless, if you’ve read the above about Zevius so far, I suggest you keep in mind that Zevius (also known as Someplace Snowy on Reddit, Zaryab Farooq and whatever else he goes by) is a 25-year-old man.

And here below is where we see Zevius once mentioning that he has a list of people whose lives he wishes to destroy. Then when talking about either myself (Trial) or Harry, he said he’d pull out their insides.

Below this account who called himself (Saad) and is seen in the blurry screenshot was once an alt account of Zevius whom he’d joined Muslim servers with. This is currently his main account now after changing its name.

If you search his current account id in their server (304793720157372417) and go to his oldest messages you will see him pretending to not be an Ahmadi which is proof that what I am saying is true.

This screenshot comes from a stream he was doing on Ahmadi only showcasing his mischievous activities to other Ahmadis:

Below you shall find “Ali” tagging “Crash” wondering why all their converts are either fake or leave. And one of them lists a bunch of people that converted who left or faked converting.

Keep in mind Ahmadis, this directly exposes their claims that Ahmadiyya is growing and all that propaganda about it being the fastest-growing sect:

The reality is Ahmadiyya is the fastest shrinking “sect” if it shall even be considered among the Muslim sects. Even with the false numbers that they reported which conveniently had at times doubled each year your movement has found itself shrunk. With a loss of sixty-one million.

You should realise and never call yourself the fastest growing sect. The fastest shrinking would do:

Hands up who wants to hear about some inter Ahmadi drama? ✋

Did you know that Ahmadi Jutt along with other Ahmadis once fell out with Moejahid?

Moejahid then made a server that if you joined Ahmadi Jutt will have threatened to have you banned from their “secret” resource server:

Inside this secret resource server. You will have seen the Ahmadis concerned whether their resources get “hacked” and exposed.

And also within that server, they used to name their channels about Deobandis as “Deogandis” for so so many months before they changed it because of being exposed for their hypocrisy in complaining about terms used against them like “Mirzai”, “Qadiani” and more yet they were exposed by me and others for doing the same with other groups.

They still call Deobandis “Deogandis” but will find themselves limiting themselves in doing so.

Here below Ahmadi Jutt mentions how he is ‘not nice to Deogandis.’

And below you will see someone called “Abu Elias” in this resource server telling Ahmadi Jutt and Crash off about the names they put for these channels:

Underneath you will also see the same Abu Elias (and credit to him for being a good example of a decent Ahmadi here) tagging one of the resource server admins “Crash” to change their channel names with “Deogandi” in them to “Deobandi”:

Now then, who is “Crash”, and what type of individual is he?

This is the type of individual Crash is. 👇

Here we shall see what appears to be him laughing at the death of Afghans that were hanging onto planes in desperation to leave the country when the Taliban began entering Kabul and when the USA was evacuating the country.

“Crash” is someone who is also paranoid over his messages being linked to him so you’d find him constantly deleting his old accounts as well.

Needless to say, those Afghans he was laughing over fell from that plane and died.

This guy also has a hard-on for war and being in the army. He mentioned once how he wished to take part in a war so he could gain rank in the Army. And like a munafiq, would happily fight against Muslims for the Canadian Army/NATO.

He also has an obsession with Cryptocurrency and is probably deep down concerned over the fact that his leader forbade its use.

That is why Moejahid had to drill it home to him more than once to stop talking about it and engaging in it and not to delete his comments proving it is forbidden.

Back to the beef that Moejahid had with the rest of the Ahmadi crew.

He had at this point removed the server of his “Darul Masih” and reconciled with the other Ahmadis but then he once more fell out again with them and recreated the very same server.

And as usual, I shall share another announcement Ahmadi Jutt made about Moejahids server which Moejahid himself shared from his server.

Here is a little caveat.

Moejahid later reconciled once again and this time he gave up ownership to his “Darul Masih”.

But instead of removing that server, he had it renamed as “MuslimMinaret” and the new owner of his server later deleted the server.

What I found when I had access to their chats for well over a year is that the reality is, whenever these guys are not joking with one another, it is evident that somewhere deep down they all have some dislike for one another:

They do not just deep down dislike one another but they openly hate a certain somebody who will be affected badly by what we shall soon see.

Now the Ahmadis who run the “True Islam Discord” YouTube channel had once uploaded a video in typical Razi (Ahmadi Answers) misquote style which can be seen with the way the title was made.

And here you shall see Moejahid pointing out an issue in the video and saying that the video “does feel like lying” since it misses out on a key detail.

The staff then deleted the video and if you notice Ahmadi Jutt’s comment, he says, ‘we have to be better than Ahmadi Answers.’

As a side note as you will not see it in these screenshots below.

But they mentioned once that Ahmadi Answers later uploaded the same video which they had misquoted in his style but unlike the “Ahmadiyya True Islam” team he did not delete the video but kept it up despite the Ahmadis here knowing it is deceitful:

You will find that in secret, even the Ahmadis will admit that Razi (also known as Ahmadi Answers) share videos which are mostly clickbait or half-truths

Here you will see Ahmadi Jutt complain about people coming to him in person saying he is a deceiver.

Ahmadi Jutt even mentions that Razi (Ahmadi Answers) is a reason why Sunnis mock Ahmadis because Razi (Ahmadi Answers) misquotes Sunni scholars.

When someone had asked him to speak about this with Razi (Ahmadi Answers) he said that he has already done so and then claims that Razi (Ahmadi Answers) knows what he is doing and only does what he does for the views!

I hope you are not fooled by their comments among themselves mentioning how they aren’t deceitful like Razi (Ahmadi Answers) and the comments which imply they are better than him. 

Since the reality is that they are as bad as one another since they knowingly share stuff they realise is not reliable like Razi (Ahmadi Answers) does.

For example, below Ahmadi Jutt here admits they do not know that Hasan al-Basri’s sayings which they use in their Tabligh are Sahih yet they still used it.

And you will see here Bini mentions how if he were being honest, he had heard of a certain Hasan al-Basri statement that they’ve used is Mursal (disconnected) yet of course, they still share it as proof for Ahmadiyya:

Speaking of Bini, here he once posted this text from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wherein it shows Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was asking for God’s curse to be upon children born as a result of their father’s indecent activities:

If we turn our attention back to Zevius (also known as Someplace Snowy on Reddit). 

Well, he was the person who made and posted the Medium article in defence of their Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad under the name “Abdul Aziz”. 

Ahmadi Jutt is seen praising him for having many fake IDs (remember that alt account of his I shared above was just one among them all!):

When I asked them on their subreddit if they made the article, look who comes to “bless the person who wrote it” being clever with his reply thinking I don’t already know it was him:

Also, in secret, you will find Ahmadis have no problems admitting Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used insulting language to others:

Here you shall see them justify the use of such language:

Translation of the scan presented:

That in fact, the path of true civilization is the same path that the Prophets (peace be upon them) have stepped on, in which harsh words are like bitter medicine. It is not considered haraam to use it from time to time It is the duty of every preacher and preacher to make use of the need and expediency of time.

Now here is something amazing.

Below is the moment Ali from their team realised that they should hold that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is included within the Kalima in some sense:

Ali shares Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s quote on the Kalima (translated below):

Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (ra) writes: The fool does not realise that ‘Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’ was put in the Kalima because he is the crowning head of the prophets and the Khatam-un-nabiyyin. By mentioning his name all other prophets are implicitly included. There is no need to mention the name of everyone separately. Admittedly, the coming of the Promised Messiah has created one difference, and that is that before his coming the significance of the words ‘Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’ included (besides the Holy Prophet) only the prophets before the Holy Prophet Muhammad, but after the coming of the Promised Messiah one more prophet was added to the significance of these words. … In other words, the same Kalima is still to be used for admission into Islam, the difference merely being that the coming of the Promised Messiah has added one more messenger to the significance of the words ‘Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’.” — Page 159

Mirza Bashir Ahmad is the son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the younger brother of the second Ahmadiyya Caliph Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad referred to Mirza Bashir Ahmad as the Qamarul Anbiya’ which means the Moon of the Prophets.

Now the Ahmadis when they will defend this will claim it was used like a motto which makes zero sense whatsoever but most of their responses make zero sense anyways having dealt with them for close to if not more than two years now.

If you think you have seen it all, then be prepared to see more. Below you shall see Ahmadi Jutt casually being racist to Turks and then calling Pashtuns backwards:

For comparison, this is what he said about Turks publically:

Below Ali is seen sharing a quote from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and what follows are screenshots of various Ahmadi’s comments on whether non-Ahmadis that are Muslim are Muslim:

“If you think that thousands of non Ahmadis who have not yet joined Ahmadiyyat Jamaat are righteous? Then you must also think that thousands of Jews and Christians who have not accepted Islam are also righteous. Nevertheless God Almighty has conveyed it to me that every person to whom my call is conveyed and who does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God for his default. Then how is it possible that because of one person, whose heart is filled with darkness, that I leave the commandment of Allah.”

(This scan below may or may not be related to the quote above, so before sharing please confirm it with an Urdu speaker:)

Here you will see that Zevius mentions how he takfirs people that takfir him and rightfully argues how someone who rejects a prophet of Allah means they are still Muslim and are equal to one who accepted a Prophet of Allah.

You will see that other Ahmadis are agreeing favourably with his comment by reacting to it positively among them “Mujeeb” and someone that goes by “Crescentmoon” that claims she is a “Pathan” which is a strange thing for an actual Pashtun to call themselves given its a term if anyone knows a Pashtun they’d reject for themselves.

The truth be told is that she is probably not a Pashtun but a LARP, and probably doesn’t know a lick of Pashto either or knows absolutely nothing about what Pashtun clan and tribe she is from.

A “desi” larper much like Crash who is probably larping as a Persian too. May Allah guide her to Islam and to stop pretending to be something she is not:

Below you shall see Ahmadi Jutt mention how Sunnis are Kafir “in the full sense” but yet Muslim at the same time (per their second so-called Caliph Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad).

All you Muslims, I hope you look at these and REALISE the reality is that you are only considered Muslim by name to them.

And you will find that behind closed doors, just like the Rawafid, Ahmadis believe that the title of Muslims would be removed from Sunnis on the Day of Judgement:


And if you are still in doubt, below you shall see that Bini admits that Sunnis MAY BE called Muslims, but IN REALITY, they are NOT! Can it get any clearer than this? 

Bini, Ahmadi Jutt, and others like him who are knowledgeable in comparison to other Ahmadis about their own beliefs are nonetheless still cowards and are scared to make a thread on Kufr wherein they show that they believe Sunnis are somehow both “full Kafir” and yet Muslim (in some useless sense) at the same time.


Look and see for yourself below!

They mention that they will lose followers and not just that, the first person to message them will be Razi (Ahmadi Answers) popping up in their DMs scolding them and asking them what are they doing!

It’s BAD PR for them and they know it and that’s why they appease you with the “Muslim” role when you join their server, as it can help win you over to their cult.

Bini even mentions whether sharing their true belief on Kufr and on non-Ahmadi Muslims being Kafir as “owning up to the allegations”…

Below you shall see more admissions in secret from the Ahmadis.

Ahmadi Jutt mentions below how Sunnis are winning in the West and how he sees Razi’s (Ahmadi Answers) approach as dumb, and more.

Zevius comments on how Ahmadi Jutt is nice in saying that Sunnis have brains, which is quite nice to know that Zevius thinks we’re worse than that.

See for yourself:

Even [a] Jahil Sunni thinks your a kafir’. >LOL 😂😂😂<

Ahmadi Jutt here is strangely mentioning people (implying Ahmadi Answers) are clipping Molvis ‘who fear-monger and talk about their fear of Ahmadiyya growing’ and uploading those clips only that they can get people [Ahmadis] to give Chanda more and so that [maybe] some [wreckless] people [inspired by those Molvis] kill Ahmadis.

I’m guessing they desire the outcome of Ahmadis being killed to make Ahmadis fear oppression from Sunnis more and trust their leadership further? 🤷‍♂️

Allahu Alam…

Though notice how Ahmadi Jutt admits Ahmadis not only are takings losses in the West but also in South Asia which he calls the ‘heart of Islam’.

Moving on…

Here is Ahmadi Jutt admitting that the correct answer is we do not know when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born:

Below is more hatred shown against Pashtuns by these Ahmadis.

Here Bini casually shares “Pathan” jokes:

Enjoy some more discussions on the dishonesty of Razi (Ahmadi Answers) by the Ahmadis on their server LOL. 

I wouldn’t fault you for thinking that maybe me exposing these clowns has done more damage to Razi’s (Ahmadi Answers) credibility than them. Like these lot had much credibility in the first place.  

The discussion below is on a video which Razi made on whether Sunnis and others besides them are Muslim or not. 

Here you will see Ali mention the video is disingenuous (go Google what that means kids!):

Here is another image of them all talking about takfir on non-Ahmadis.

This one includes Zevius sharing a screenshot and tagging Bini and Crash about whether Lahori Ahmadis are Muslim or not:

And if you wondered what Moejahid has to say on if Sunnis are Kafir or not, wonder no more!

The below dua request will make more sense coming from Moejahid given the above statement from him.

The key sentence is: “I have a short dua request for a Shia sister who is about to enter the fold of Islam, meaning Ahmadiyyat.”

Returning to Ahmadi Jutt. If you think he has had enough of sparing other Ahmadis in his accusations, think again…

Here he claims most MuRabbis have a rudimentary understanding of Arabic, that some only understand it when it’s not spoken fast and there are even some who can’t understand it at all!

See below:

An Ahmadi (who also goes by “Rose” and is probably the only guy among them that is okayish at understanding Arabic) admits THAT THEIR CALIPH AND LEADER Mirza Masroor Ahmad CAN NOT speak Arabic and Ahmadi Jutt adds that ‘he is not a scholar’ (presuming in Arabic?!):

Here you shall see Ahmadi Jutt saying if he was honest, he thinks Imam Shafi’I (RH) is a weirdo:

Did you know that at one point, Silence (aka “Crash” the guy with the hard-on for war was hyped at the prospect of WW3 because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict) and many other Ahmadis in their server collectively hold a belief that after World War 3 happens Ahmadiyya would prevail?

Later on, and not shown in any screenshots here, they had asked their current leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad who said to them they should pray against WW3.

They asked him about this because they realised a past leader of theirs (Mirza Tahir Ahmad) said that praying against it is useless though now they know Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s take on it, it sure seems their current leader has contradicted their past one in his answer saying to do exactly that. To pray against it.

I bet once more that Crash the loser was sulking, first with Crypto and now with his WW3 fetish being shut down:

Zevius says below that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad once said every hadith in Sahih Bukhari does not go against the Quran:

Here you will see Zevius admits that their Jamaat doesn’t follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmad properly since Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said to kick out people that did not pay Chanda yet the Jamaat doesn’t do that in all cases:

Here you will see an Ahmadi (this is his Twitter) mentions how he knows another Ahmadi in Canada who is involved in the Cannabis business and all people go through him.

This is the success of Ahmadiyya! In the narcotics business.

At first, it was opium with their founder and now some Ahmadis take it further by dealing with cannabis.

I should mention Crash’s family and their past KFC store or was it some other fast food joint they had?

I do wonder if there were some other shady stuff that went on there too… 🤔

Oh and where would we be if we can’t enjoy another time where the Ahmadis admit that Razi (Ahmadi Answers) is being deceptive and is a deceiver:

Now here’s a shocker (not to me)!

Ahmadi Jutt (‘the soft-spoken nice guy’) says below that in his opinion there is some guy out there (who I have no clue about) that he believes is “Wajibul Qatl” (which means required to be killed!)

And here in some response to this tweet Ahmadi Jutt is found hoping these people die in the worst possible manner (like me, I suppose Mr Jutt?):

Here is an even older image of Ahmadi Jutt admitting to supporting Iran and Bashar al-Assad in Syria because if not minorities would be killed (which is not true):

Below I’d like you to feast your eyes on what Ahmadi Jutt says he derives pleasure from.

It’s from the thought of scholars like Sheikh Ibn Baz being either a Jahil or Kafir and for what reason mind you?

For issuing a clarification on what he meant (that is, he said someone who says the Sun doesn’t move is a Kafir, and NOT the one who says the Earth moves) which is something in the context of this conversation they both (Moejahid and Ahmadi Jutt) were arguing Sheikh Ibn Baz once said and this was a claim they were heavily refuted on in this conversation by Salim.

In all you’ve seen, I want you to keep in mind that Ahmadi Jutt is someone who will be 27 years old around June and is married with the possibility of a child on the way as well.

And if he is arguing that clarifying turns someone either into a Kafir or Jahil this inconsistent clown would be very Saad if someone said the same about Khalifatul Zani or their third Caliph who got pressed when being interviewed in Pakistan regarding if they should be considered Muslim or not and all the clarifications he had to make in court:

Here is something to make you laugh. Below is some convert Ahmadi that reported me falsely for “terrorism”:

This guy above happily lies against me saying I am promoting “terrorism” and submitted a report to counter-terrorism officials about me. Needless to say, nothing came of his little report which he submitted (as was expected).

The counter-terrorism secretory who received their report probably laughed it off the moment your little screenshot proofs reached them.

Here is some “Truth” for the guy who should be renamed “Liar”.

If anyone, judging by screenshots alone, should be reported to counter-terrorism officials it is Zevius and Ahmadi Jutt given the above screenshots exposing them.

I have the details of them both which can be used to identify them and if I took things as serious as you, I could pursue some slander case or report them for their hatred for Sunnis and preaching that we should be vetted, have no brains, and how some are viewed by them as “Wajibul Qatl” and more.

Now before we go…

Did you think I forgot about you Mr Damon and your little self confessed “troll account” where you lie about Bashir Shah?

😏 And in the end, I truly hope you all enjoyed this little expose.

Below will be a concluding statement and short notice to all readers from the person who made this note/document:

Concluding Statement:

(Firstly, I do not offer my below سلام to those I cursed)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته to you readers.

These screenshots I’ve assembled and shared are just the tip of the iceberg.

There was so much left out.

Much was even lost also (like the time Ahmadi Jutt was insulting Sheikh Uthman ibn Farooq’s facial appearance by calling him an ugly Pathan/Pashtun or when he admits to someplace that many Ahmadis are living in as being full of unrighteous immoral people).

Either way, the reason I decided all this needed to be released was down to the account that grabbed these on my behalf no longer existing/being operational.

These were sent to me from this account and after being done with sharing these the account owner probably couldn’t handle their stupidity and removed itself from their server.

I can already foresee their reaction once this is made public.

The Ahmadis will clean their chats, look to reverify Ahmadis once more, and hilariously kick people from their chat who they are paranoid over.

Here is me hoping it’s whatever little converts you have left being kicked so they stop being close to you all and turn back to us; after all, they’re either fake or leave anyways, right?!

After that document is done, they may ignore deny or claim it’s all out of context and will do everything to call these lies or to repeat and further increase unfounded accusations against me.

I would love to see their reactions to finding out how badly they messed up so if you’re an Ahmadi that is in their chat still and after seeing these have come to realise the character of your owners/admins and the most knowledgeable Ahmadis among you is not something which you’d wanna associated with or found beliefs they admitted to something you can’t hold on to.

And after reading this are reasonably content to conclude they’re lying to you when you see them justify or excuse some of these comments of theirs.

Then do contact me and let me know what’s happening and more.

Right then. As for those seen in the screenshots.

I want you, that is Ahmadi Jutt and others like you to know that this account that leaked these to me has seen EVERY single message in Ahmadi only (that is even before you started clearing them).

It was from the very beginning of the creation of that channel.

I sure hope you don’t end up beating yourselves up like the Rawafid (although feel free to).

I also want you Ahmadi Jutt to know I have all your resources saved in another server from your so-called “secret resource server”.

EVERY single one.

And maybe I’m still in it, who knows? 🤷‍♂️😉

Moving on, for you other Ahmadis that are reading this. You should realise one thing.

Every time you hear Crash (who also goes by Silence or any other name), Ahmadi Jutt, Zevius, Ali [the Cow lover], or whoever else insulting someone they call “Trial” or “Adam” (both of whom refer to me) you should be cautious.

As they love to accuse me of disgusting things (terrorism, paedophilia, perversion, being gay, hacking or whatever more). Just search the word “Trial” or “perv” in Ahmadi only (that is if they’ve not cleaned it again already).

Find yourself be cautious when they accuse random people who were not me of being my alt as well.

It was hilarious sometimes watching them accuse me of being some alt in public or even accusing Bashir of joining their server only to then later admit in Ahmadi only it was not him when the damage was already done in the VC-stuff channel (I saw that all as well, y’know 👀).

Now, why do I ask you to be cautious?

Because they’re throwing around these horrid accusations not because it is the truth, but because they do not want you to listen to the arguments I share and so to try to achieve that they associate me with evil so you do not talk with me or join my server.

So if you’re an Ahmadi that is sincere who is reading this, I sincerely request you to ask them for their evidence for any slander against me that you hear them present when you hear them spread it.

Then bring to me whatever they share and I will answer it one by one point by point and you will realise they have absolutely nothing.

Then when you realise that they’re lying and have nothing against me… I ask you to question why they are persisting in straight-up lying about me.

I’d ask you to follow it up by questioning when you find out the actual “Truth” why is it they are making it a habit to call me “gay”, “perv”, and “pedo/paedo” and all in all insinuate wrong about me at all times?

It’s because they are scared.

Now some of them may bring up a claim that I hacked some account called “Phatpuff” which those with attention to detail will see was seen in one of those screenshots above.

They will claim either I hacked it or “knew” that hacker and then they will make some odd jump to claim I read her private messages or some other nonsense like that.

The fact they can’t get their story straight from the get-go (as to whether I’m the hacker or know some hacker) should be enough for you to see a red flag in this story of theirs.

Though despite this, I will say the following.

I hope these screenshots are enough to prove I never needed to hack anyone called “Phatpuff” to obtain those screenshots.

If you also apply common sense, you’d realise instead of hacking some random girl’s account, if I were truly a hacker or truly know the identity of some hacker, you’d think I’d target Ahmadi Jutts account or whomever else’s account in such schemes, and not some random girls one. I guess logic and common sense are lost with these lot.

They may also bring up a screenshot which appears to have me saying I know the “hacker” as if I meant I know this person in real life or something.

The reality to any screenshot they bring that is like this is there was once an account that randomly messaged me who made me think was the person that “hacked” Phatpuff (I even doubt she was hacked now – rather she probably shared her account with her friend she knew in real life) and I knew little more than its name at the time which I then later forgot.

This incident with that random account that messaged me was used as a cover to expose some screenshots against Zevius from Ahmadi only that anyone familiar with those screenshots will realise was seen above without a filter.

It being unfiltered is proof right there that they were not taken from “Phatpuffs” accounts but from elsewhere.

Regardless, in the spirit of what went of Ramadan.

I invoke Allah’s curse to be on the Ahmadis you see above who go by “Ahmadi Jutt”, “Zevius”, and “Crash” on their server. I pray they are further humiliated in this life and the next. Ameen.

Now with that said too, may Allah’s guidance be bestowed upon the Ahmadis that go by Thee Obama, BongaDoc, Moejahid, Abu Elias and any actual sincere Ahmadi that wishes to find the truth of Islam and who remains among them.

If anyone wishes to know why I’ve cursed some and asked for guidance for the others.

It’s because I have my reasons given their attitude toward me but even when some have had a bad attitude towards me like Moejahid there are still some good remaining in them in my opinion.

Nuh عليه السلام was someone that spent many many years asking for the guidance for his people but when he understood they would never come to Islam, he then resorted to making dua for their destruction.

This you will find in Quran 71:21-26 and if you generally read of his story in Islamic sources.

In the end, should you have questions about these screenshots or what it was like in their chat, then feel free to message me on Discord.

My Discord username is: Adam⚔#9057 or you can message me on Twitter which is @MrTrialandError

Alternatively, you can always join my Discord server called The True Islam which I will share a link to below:


And with that said,

I wonder how much of this was read.

Good night/day.

— Adam (MrTrialandError)

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