Rwanda was an old Germany colony of Africa, and later a Belgium colony. In 2020, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa announced that there were some conversions. In 2022, at the #JalsaUK, the 5th Khalifa announced 10,000 converts to Ahmadiyya. They also seem to work closely with the Ahmadiyya Movement from Uganda. Thus, we estimate that there are barely 5 Ahmadi’s in #Rwanda.

The ROR of March-1941 reports that Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad has reported in his letter of Jan-1941 that there was a meeting held entitled, “Founders of Religions Day” in Nairobi (modern day Kenya)and Tanga (modern day Tanzania). He seems to have gotten the Quran translated into Swahili and 2000 copies were sent out to Nairobi (modern day Kenya), Tanga(modern day Tanzania), Zanzibar (modern day Tanzania), Mombasa (modern day Kenya), Darresalam (modern day Tanzania), Khakoma (Kakuma in Kenya?) and Batora (could this Batura, Rwanda?).

The ROR of Sep-1941 reports that an Ahmadi named Mr. A. Mustafa (B.A.) gave a talk on the British radio of East Africa entitled, “Prophet Ahmad of Qadian”. In this talk, Mr. A. Mustafa gave out the Ahmadiyya belief that earthquakes and other punishments will keep descending until the world accepts MGA as a prophet. Mr. A. Mustafa also calls the 2nd Khalifa as the Promised Son and quotes MGA’s revelations on the “Musleh Maud”.

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