There is a Christian youtube channel which is doing lots of work vs. Ahmadiyya, it’s called “Warrior’s of Jesus”. They recently reviewed Ibrahim Noonan’s comments on Jesus in India (and reported on the Christians who showed up and protested) and proved how the “Acts of Thomas” (Noonan called it the Gospel of Thomas) is a total forgery performed by the Portuguese and they staked their claim to India. In fact, in 1916, Ahmadi’s were agreeing with the Portuguese that St. Thomas travelled to India and died therein. The Portuguese totally lied about Jesus in India just to support/substantiate their colony. Remember, a few years back, many Pakistani-Christians protested Ahmadiyya in Canada and called their asylum claims as fake.

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In 1916, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were claiming that St. Thomas also travelled to India and died there

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