We have covered how the Ahmadiyya Movement conflated Europeans lies about Jesus in India. MGA and his team took those lies and twisted them even further to claim that Jesus=Yuz Asaf.
The ROR of July-1916 reports that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq visited Madras (also called Malabar and Chennai), and also visited the alleged Tomb of Saint Thomas. He then argued that this was in-fact a 1900 year old tomb, just like the Yuz Asaf tomb. Again, in 1916, via the ROR of Nov, an Ahmadi missionary, Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) claimed that it wasn’t just Jesus who travelled to India, nay, he claimed that even St. Thomas had travelled to India and died. However, he didn’t tell the world that this was a lie from the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese were the first Europeans in India and landed in coastal towns and setup their businesses. Ahmadi’s even use the ‘Acts of Thomas” as they try to prove that Thomas came to India. In this video, you can see the Ahmadi mullah Ibrahim Noonan arguing that St. Thomas claims to have met Jesus in India 1900+ years ago.

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