6 months ago, we reported the murder of Rabia Kanwal (of Rabwah). Her brothers were arrested for the crime, however, their father was free. Ahmadiyya media outlets are totally lying about this story and purposely not mentioning the murder of Rabia Kanwal. Just a few days ago, the boyfriend of Rabia Kanwal, a man named Mohammad Shehzad Hasan Siyalvi Rizvi. You can see a video of him herein. He killed Naseer Ahmad, 62, was a devout Ahmadi, his sons are in jail for killing their sister. This was also discussed on Zaitoon FM.

Remember, the Ahmadiyya Movement knew that the murder of Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar was an inside job by his own Ahmadi wife, however, the Ahmadiyya Movement spun it in such a way that it was used for asylum cases.

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