K. L. Gauba (Urdu: کے ایل گابا, lived 1899-1981), also known as Kanhaiya Lal Gauba or Khalid Latif Gauba, was a lawyer, writer, politician, and son of Lala Harkishen Lal. Born to a Hindu family, Gauba later converted to Islam and was elected to the Punjab Legislative Assembly by a Muslim constituency. He emigrated to India following partition and died in poverty.

He seems to have converted to Islam through the Lahori-Ahmadi’s in 1933 (see Friends and Foes, Auto biography, 1974), which is weird (See ROR of April-1933 also). Qadiani-Ahmadi’s like Zafrullah Khan were also there and Allama Iqbal. The Muslim community reacted and claimed that he wasn’t a Muslim since Ahmadi’s have no right to initiate people into Islam (see Friends and Foes, Auto biography, 1974). Nevertheless, the hindu press attacked Gauba for falling in love with an Ahmadi girl, having kids with her and then converting to Ahmadiyya, not Islam (See the Daily Pratap and Bandemataram via Friends and Foes, Auto biography, 1974). Maulana Zafar Ali Khan gathered 40,000 and protested and claimed that it was better for Gauba to have remained a Hindu. However, a few days later, Gauba attended the famous Badhshahi mosque and thus clarified the situation.

In 1935, he proposed to put the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s on the stand in a case with the Punjab Assembly. The case would revolved around MGA’s insults to Muslims, specifically, the Zurrayatul Baghaya quote. The National League at Qadian responded in the ROR of March 1935 and explained that MGA didn’t mean children of prostitutes, instead they allege that MGA meant, “Children, followers and supporters”=Zurrayatul  and Baghaya meant “Slave girls, immoral women and the advance guard of an army”. They go to allege that this quote meant “followers of the vanguard of the party which was out to crush the Ahmadiyya Movement”, or as “low and ill mannered people like the children of bondwomen”. Maulvi Sher Ali seems to have written a book vs. Gauba entitled, “A reply to Mr. K.L. Gauba’s Question Proposed to be put in the Assembly” (barely 16 pages)(See the ROR of Nov-1937 and until Feb-1941).

In the 1940’s he famously defended Ataullah Shah Bukhari against the British Government and won (see Friends and Foes, Auto biography, 1974).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Select Publications

Gauba’s first novel, Uncle Sham, was written as a response to Katherine Mayo‘s Mother India which was described by Mahatma Gandhi as a “drain inspector’s report.”[8] Gauba claimed that the bestseller was reprinted twenty times in the first year and he built a bungalow in Lahore with the profits. His next bestseller, His Highness, gave scandalous descriptions of sex orgies involving Indian princes.[1]

  1. Uncle Sham, being the strange tale of a civilisation run amonk 1929
  2. His Highness 1932
  3. The Rebel Minister 1938
  4. The Consequences of Pakistan 1946 (Gauba’s argument against Partition)
  5. Verdict on England 1946
  6. Famous and Historic Trials 1946
  7. Inside Pakistan 1948
  8. Hyderabad or India 1948
  9. Battles at the bar 1956
  10. The Prophet of the Desert 1934 (biography of Muhammad)
  11. Famous Trials for Love and Murder 1967
  12. The Pakistani Spy and other famous trials 1968
  13. The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi 1969
  14. The Shamim Rahmani case and other famous trials 1971
  15. Meena Tandon’s Honeymoon and other noted cases or marriage and divorce 1971
  16. Famous and Historical Trials 1972
  17. Passive Voices: A Penetrating Study of Muslims in India– study of the Muslim minority in India post-1947[6] 1973
  18. Friends and Foes (Auto biography) 1974
  19. Women 1975
  20. The Mystery of Nagarwala Case 1977
  21. Pakistan Today 1977

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