There appears to be some political organization from, owned and operated by Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. They appear in the ROR of March-1935 with Sufi Abdul Qadeer as the president. They responded to K. L. Gauba in the same ROR and specifically in terms of the Zurrayatul Baghaya quote.

In early 1935, K. L. Gauba proposed to put the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s on the stand in a case with the Punjab Assembly. The case would revolved around MGA’s insults to Muslims, specifically, the Zurrayatul Baghaya quote. The National League at Qadian responded in the ROR of March 1935 and explained that MGA didn’t mean children of prostitutes, instead they allege that MGA meant, “Children, followers and supporters”=Zurrayatul  and Baghaya meant “Slave girls, immoral women and the advance guard of an army”. They go to allege that this quote meant “followers of the vanguard of the party which was out to crush the Ahmadiyya Movement”, or as “low and ill mannered people like the children of bondwomen”.

A few months later, Sufi Abdul Qadeer was sent to Japan as the first ever missionary sent to Japan, he returned in 1941 with the outbreak of WW-2. He arrived in Japan on June 4, 1935, which means he must have left India by early May-1935.

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