In the USA, many Ahmadi’s have life insurance policies on their parents and children (this is from personal experience). However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was against life insurance and even equated to gambling (See Malfuzat-10, 2022 online english edition, page 195-196. Will Ahmadi’s listen? Some Ahmadi’s have made millions via life insurance, some have made money via liquor being sold. Ahmadi’s don’t care, nevertheless, the data is posted. The same topic is discussed in the ROR of April-1935, the ROR of July-1933, Aug-1933, Sep-1933 and Feb-1936.


(Before Zuhr Prayer)2
Life Insurance

A letter was presented to the Promised Messiah as in which it was written:

To His Holiness the Promised Messiah and the Blessed Mahdi as:

In March 1900, I took out a life insurance policy for 2,000 rupees. The stipulations were that I would pay the annual premium of 46 rupees till I die; my heirs would receive 2,000 rupees at my death and I would not be eligible to receive this money during my lifetime. I have paid about 600 rupees in premiums to the insurance company so far. If I break this contract now, I am eligible for only one third of this money according to the contract; meaning that I will receive 200 rupees and the remaining 400 rupees would be lost. But since I have pledged at your hand that I shall give precedence to religion over this world, I do not wish to continue to be involved in something that is in contravention to the commandments of God and His Messenger after learning the truth about this issue. You are the Hakam [Arbiter] and Adl [ Judge]; therefore, I most humbly request that a verdict be issued as may be appropriate, so I could act accordingly.

In reply to this, the Promised Messiah as said:

The form in which the life insurance is being practiced and what is known about it—I do not see any apparent justification for it because it is a [form of ] gambling. Although he has spent a substantial sum of money—yet, should he continue, this money would make him commit even more sin. In order to save himself from further sin in his life he should surrender it and take whatever proceeds he can get at this time.

1. Al-Hakam, vol. 12, no. 17, p. 7–8, dated 6 March 1908
2. The first column on page 9 of al-Hakam, vol. 12, no. 17, dated 6 March
1908, clearly shows that this diary is of 5 March 1908, before Zuhr Prayer.

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