Brother Shamsi with CCDawah recently had discussion with a Qadiani-Ahmadi, this was posted on the DUS Dawah channel. Brother Shamsi brought up the fact that Allah said he raised Eisa (as) towards him (see 4:158 of the Quran), you can view the clip on tik tok herein. The Qadiani-Ahmadi responded per his script that Allah is everywhere. Shamsi disagreed and reminded the Qadiani-Ahmadi that Allah is in Jannah and Eisa (As) is in the samaa wattay. 4:158 means that Allah lifted Eisa (As) out of trouble and to the Samaa Wattay. They also discussed 5:117. The Qadiani even said that Allah could be in his pocket (astagfarullah). Interestingly, the Qadiani didn’t know about the Qiraat and the different readings of Khatam in 33:40. Shamsi also quoted 20:17 of the Quran to prove that Allah asks questions and already knows the answers, this was in reference to the stick of Moses.

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