In 2001, the Ahmadiyya Movement in the USA launched a program called, “The Zion Plan” (See “Perseverance“. Rashid Ahmad claims to have been sent with another Ahmadi to Zion, ill in 1947 (see page 28), he claims to have went with an Ahmadi named Muhammad Abdullah. Rashid Ahmad admits that most of the residents of Zion saw Dowie as a holy man who over worked himself to an early death.

A few years after that, Rashid Ahmad (the first ever African American Ahmadi imam) tells the world that he was speaking to wife #6 (Maryam Siddiqa aka Choti Aapa) of the 2nd Khalifa at Rabwah and she suggested that Ahmadi’s in the USA focus on the Dowie Prophecy. When Rashid Ahmad returned to America, he spoke to M. M. Ahmad and the The Zion Plan 2001 was started. Thus, in the early 1980’s a mission house was bought in Zion, even though there were barely any Ahmadi’s there. Dr. Salah-ud-Din Shams (the eldest son of Jalal ud Din Shams) was made the President.

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