It all started on June 3rd, 1999 at Baitul Hamd, which was the Ahmadiyya headquarters in Karachi (on Martin road). ilyas Sattar (A Muslim brother) met with an Ahmadi murrabi named Usman (and another murrabi) and a Mubahila challenge was started  in the name of Mirza Tahir Ahmad and ilyas Sattar. The Ahmadi murrabi even showed the open Mubahila of 1988 by Mirza Tahir Ahmad to the entire world as a frame of reference. The Mubahila challenge was printed and circulated by the Ahmadiyya Movement and ilyas Sattar. At the international Jalsa Salana of 1999, Mirza Tahir Ahmad (July-30-1999) confirmed the Mubahila challenge (10 million converts to Ahmadiyya were also reported that Jalsa). Mirza Tahir Ahmad boasted that his God would kill ilyas Sattar in one year (3:58 time stamp). Just a month later, while Mirza Tahir Ahmad was in Norway and delivering a friday sermon and had a stroke. The Ahmadiyya Movement has removed this video from the internet. Mirza Tahir Ahmad flew back to London and wasn’t seen again for a month. Mirza Tahir Ahmad returned on Sep-10-1999 and delivered a 17-minute sermon (he even used the word Kanchni in this speech in a strange way), check out the Khutbah herein. Even up to Sep-16-1999 (See Al-Fazl international) he was unable to lead prayers. On Sep-17-1999, he gave an extremely short 10-minute sermon. The Al-Fazl international continued to report on the health of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, they told the world that all treatments were being used. On Oct-1-1999 negative reports on his health were published again in the the Al-Fazl international. Mirza Tahir Ahmad died less than 4 years later and lived miserably until the end. Ilyas Sattar is still alive in 2022 and living comfortably in Karachi.

This prayer duel (Mubahila) was also evaluated by Nicholas Evans in his famous work on the Ahmadiyya Movement.


Scan summary of the sermon on 9-10-1999

Headline on Al-Fazl International, London, Septermber 3rd, 1999–September 9-1999, page 12

Illias Suttar has accepted the Mubahila Challenge #1 of Jamaat Ahmadiyya

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