In 2022, there are less than 3 Ahmadi’s in all of El-Salvador, there is no missionary, no temples and no mission houses. They seem to have trying to manage El Salvador from their mission in Guatemala. In 1991, the 4th Khalifa visited Guatemala.

In the mid-1980’s, there was lots of turmoil in El Salvador, this seems to have prompted Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his team to take action via tabligh. In 2008, via “”Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World””, the Ahmadiyya Movement alleged that Mirza Tahir Ahmad started the Syedna Bilal Fund and in October-1986, he told Ahmadi’s to help the people of El-Salvador.


In the mid-1980’s, there was lots of turmoil in El Salvador, this seems to have prompted Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his team to take action via tabligh. In 2008, via “”Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World””, the Ahmadiyya Movement alleged that Mirza Tahir Ahmad started the Syedna Bilal Fund and in October-1986, he told Ahmadi’s to help the people of El-Salvador.

Ahmadiyya, the peaceful wing of Islam, attracts Guatemalans

The Baitul Awal Mosque welcomes believers of all religions seeking a purer encounter with God.

Claudia Méndez Villaseñor

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Imam Abdul Sattar Khan himself, president and spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (“Those who praise the most”) in Guatemala, recognizes that today Islam is unequivocally associated with extreme terrorism immersed in the politics of Middle Eastern countries. But also that the work of millions of followers of the prophet Muhammad (Muhammad) in Ahmadiyya, worldwide, tries to erase this stain.


In 1989, commented Alberto González, secretary general of the entity, the movement began in the country, which had emerged 100 years ago in India. “It was sought to restore the purity of religion and the true message of the Prophet which is one of peace and not hate,” he said. To date, the community has about 100 believers, all Guatemalans with the exception of the Imam, originally from Rabwah, Pakistan, who was a missionary in Spain before arriving in Guatemalan territory.


Some have adopted the Muslim religion, others, like the Montes Peña family, residents of zone 5, maintain the Catholic faith, but regularly attend the mosque. “Everyone is welcome here, and as it is written in the Koran, there should be no coercion in religion,” González added. 


The community has mosques in Huehuetenango, Quetzaltenango, Escuintla and Sacatepéquez, and from Guatemala it has expanded to El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Chile and the Caribbean. “It has been a good experience, Guatemalans are more open, more friendly and can accept a place of worship for everyone,” said the imam.


  1. Mario Gonzalez:(2011-12-07 21:19:21 hours)
    I am very happy to have discovered the true message of Islam, which invites peace and reconciliation of human beings for their own good, in this message I have discovered a God who is extremely merciful and full of kindness. I believe that the terrorist attacks against freedom that have been organized in “Islamic” countries are only a response to the devirtualization of the Islamic message, a message that seeks freedom at all levels and unity in all humanity.
  2. Alejandra Girón:(2011-12-06 15:02:52 hours)
    I want to apologize to the journalist from the bottom of my heart because because the title has an error, it changed my meaning, but reading several times, I realized that Cuenca is fine. So miasma the man of the prophet. Much as gravies for the nice note from him and for having accompanied us on Sunday to our Jalsa Salana. God’s Peace be with you.
  3. Cesar Pozuelos:(2011-12-05 22:11:27 hours)
    I agree with Fernando García; they are too few to pull out their nails. In Muslim countries, where they rule, there is no freedom of conscience and less of religion. This religion considers those who do not belong to it, “kaffirs” [from the kafir word of Arabic origin that means “infidel”] and among other niceties, authorizes the vilification of women who are framed in that category. In Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Christians are persecuted to death, their women raped and their churches dynamited. In the Muslim countries, the Sharia, the Islamic law, prevails; ask in Europe, how things are going, they talk about Eurabia and in many countries, Denmark and England, for example, there are areas where said law prevails, which is totally intransigent. Peaceful because they are very few and it is not convenient to stir up the roost;
  4. Martha Mary of Peace:(2011-12-05 18:28:33 hours)
    I think that to give an opinion on a specific topic you have to have foundations, since Islam really invites you to have ties of peace and brotherhood, with humanity in general without any discrimination. We cannot judge a nation or a religion for the bad acts of some groups. Guatemala is one of the countries with a high rate of femicide and at a global level that is our image, that does not mean that all Guatemalans are bad or murderers when we know that our people are generous, good and with a huge heart. The same goes for Islam being misunderstood by the evil deeds of a minority among millions of good Muslims.
  5. Alejandra Giron:(2011-12-05 18:00:11 hours)
    Peace and God’s Blessings be with all of you: Good afternoon, I am a Muslim and I belong to the Ahmadiyya Community of Guatemala. First of all, I would like to clarify to the journalist Claudia Méndez, with all due respect, that the name of God in Arabic is Allah. and not (wing). This is the correct word for God in Arabic, which is the same God that all religions seek. I also want to clarify that the name of the Noble Prophet of Islam is Muhammad, and (Muhammad is not his real name since it was an easy way that the Europeans used since they could not say his name well) But his real name is Muhammad. (God’s peace be upon him) Our motto is “Love for all, Hate for no one” I want to tell Mr. Fernando García that it is true that we are 100 Ahmadi Muslims in Guatemala, and thanks to God (praised and exalted be) little by little the community has been growing, and with all due respect I wish to answer your answer about the treatment received by people in Pakistan. 120 years ago our Promised Messiah (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) came to the world who came to restore the beautiful message of Islam, since as in all religions in which the human being changes the truth of the messages and laws sent by God, even Islam was corrupted. God sent the Messiah to Earth to teach us the beautiful message of Islam. The Holy Quran at no time teaches the coercion of religion, it is more says that “Anyone who kills a human being, is as if he killed the entire humanity” But unfortunately Muslims of other sects have taken customs that are not Islamic . We can see this in all religions, for example pedophile priests, but this does not mean that Catholicism teaches this, people simply do not follow the rules as they should. We know that Jesus (God’s peace be upon him) was a man of peace and love, he even came to the point of saying that if they gave us one mejía we would put the other, but we can see many gang members today with the image of Jesus and Mary (God’s peace be upon them) tattooed on their skin, but their example is not the same and Christianity does not teach how to kill. We can take as another example the Crusades and the Holy Inquisition, which the Catholic Church carried out to kill all those who were not Christians, but this is also not an example that Jesus Christ, (peace be upon him) has taught. Do not take it badly, I just want to explain to you how people change the divine laws and the rules that we must follow, and many conclusions can be drawn without first knowing the truth, that’s why it’s good to read. I would like to invite you, Mr. Fernando Garia, to accompany us to the mosque one day so that we can talk calmly and with peace and love, so that before speaking and not being sure, we do not make a mistake. God is so great that we cannot know the scope of him and if it was really necessary to send other prophets to the world, that is why Islam teaches us to respect all ideologies and religions because God has sent messengers to the whole world. And blessed are those who find happiness in a religion where they are happy and that is good for them as long as they can become better men and women. Let us love one another as if we were children of the same mother. Peace and blessings of God be with you, Mr. Fernando García and his family, God keep you and guide you on the right path, and thank you very much for your good comment, Mr. Armando Peña, “Love for everyone, Hate for no one”
  6. Armando Pena:(2011-12-05 09:38:09 hours)
    Respect for ALL RELIGIONS is essential, otherwise, why have a religion? … Another thing … Religions focus on praising, praising and praising, BUT UNFORTUNATELY RELIGIONS in general DO NOT INCLUDE PRINCIPLES AND VALUES such as honesty , respect, etc., MANY PEOPLE FULL THE CHURCHES, thinking that with their tithe, their offering, they CLEAN their conscience and once again they become bad workers, bad bosses, fathers of their families, etc., arguing that JESUS ​​washes their sins… how ironic.
  7. Ferdinand Garcia:(2011-12-05 04:44:11 hours)
    Of course!, religion of love and peace when there are 100 Muslims in a country of 14 million non-Muslims, you would have to ask the imam how they treat Christian minorities in their Pakistani country, a lot of love and a lot of peace where they stone anyone to death that he professes something other than his radical vision of the world. A Coptic Egyptian friend told me how a Coptic Christian is welcome with open arms to Islam, but if a Muslim converts to Christianity they have to leave or they want to be killed, leaving Islam is punishable by death under Sharia law. .. everything is that they are the majority to impose it!, ¨”the religion of love and peace”… ha ha and ha!


In 2022, there are less than 3 Ahmadi’s in all of El-Salvador, there is no missionary, no temples and no mission houses.

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