In 1950, the Ahmadiyya Community at Rabwah held its second annual Jalsa from Rabwah. The Jalsa was held on Dec-27-29, 1950. Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud (the 2nd Khalifa) gave the inaugural address wherein he spoke about the reasons behind the opposition of Ahmadiyyat, said that the Jamaat was facing severe opposition from all sides, and it seemed as if the whole world had turned against Ahmadiyyat. He urged Ahmadi’s to express mercy and sympathy in return. This seems to have been his strategy in the newly formed Pakistan (see the full quotations in the below).

Al Fazl, 31 December 1950, p.3

On 27 December 1950, during his inaugural address at the Jalsa Salana Rabwah, Pakistan, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra spoke about the reasons behind the opposition of Ahmadiyyat.

In the beginning, Huzoorra said that the Jamaat was facing severe opposition from all sides, and it seemed as if the whole world had turned against Ahmadiyyat.

Huzoorra added that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat has never deprived anyone of their rights, rather we serve people, and while the opponents oppress us, the members of our Jamaat express mercy and sympathy in return.

Huzoorra continued:

“When the opponents exhibit their grudge and enmity towards us, the members of our Jamaat treat them with love and compassion. When others do not hold true love towards the country and nation, rather just act with artificiality, the members of our Jamaat express their sympathy and love towards their country, nation, co-religionists, Muslims, and in fact the whole mankind, whether they have any connection with Islam or not. Moreover, despite the fact that the opponents consider us to be liable to be killed, we always strive for everyone’s well-being.

“The world does not befriend us, but the reason is not that we have afflicted any loss upon them or oppressed anyone, rather it is due to the fact that we have made a bond with our Creator and Master. This is the reason behind the world’s enmity towards us. However, we can never abandon our Master, and for this sake, we can even sacrifice our lives. We cannot abandon Him, even not for any government. […] We cannot leave God Almighty at any cost. The enmity of our opponents towards us is only because we have accepted the Call of God Almighty. […]

“The opponents want us to abandon God, whereas if we abandon Him then we would have nothing left, either in this world or the Hereafter. These people want us to leave God, however, we only have one response: ‘Take from us our country, freedom, honour, wealth, and we are even ready to sacrifice our lives, but we will never abandon God Almighty.’” (Al Fazl, 31 December 1950, p.3)

Huzoorra further said:

“Let us pray to our Master that ‘O our Master, we have proclaimed that we have become your servants, and the world is opposing us. […] O God, instil within us such a revolution that even if the world continues to oppose us, we may prove truthful and sincere in our claim to have love for you, and may we become your true servants. Then all kinds of opposition will become a source of pleasure for us, and we will face these hardships with happiness, since attaining your nearness is as if one has achieved everything, and to endure abuses for Your sake is better than the whole world. O God, enable us to be truthful in this claim, instil your love within us, create within us an inclination towards you, and may the whole world disappear from our thoughts save Your Being. […]’

“Let us seek help from God Almighty, and may we spread the message of Ahmadiyyat to all corners with such zeal that people become compelled to pay attention towards this, and eventually they may be able to accept this [message].” (Ibid, pp. 3-5)

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