In 1948, the Qadiani-Ahmadi community was awarded Rabwah by the Pakistani and British government, this was a steal of a deal. The Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad was given a 99-year lease of Rabwah for only 12,000 rupees (1034 acres). He then sub-leased it to Ahmadi’s and made millions off of innocent Ahmadi’s (See Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Volume 11, Page 410. Edition 2007. Published by Nazarat Nashro Ishaat, Qadian, India). The full details are in Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Vol. 10 pages 281 to 298 and here. It should be noted that the Ahmadiyya jamaat has never admitted to being on a 99-year lease, they only admit to being on a lease, no length is given.

The British government made sure that the Ahmadiyya community got this land. It was a state within a state, no other minority group in Pakistan was given land in this manner, not the Sikhs, Hindu’s, Parsi’s or Christians. This was obviously favoritism, the Qadiani-Ahmadi community was always getting favors from the British government and the Pakistani government until September of 1974. Furthermore, in 1974, Nawab Iftikhar Ahmad Ansari, a member of the Pakistan Bar Council and ex-member of the West Pakistan Assembly, on Wednesday filed a petition before the Tribunal inquiring into the Rabwah incident praying for permission for placing on record documents pertaining to the grant of Rabwah land to the Anjuman-a-Ahmadia.  

The petitioner maintained that grant of 1,033 acres, seven kanals, and eight marlas of land for Rs. 10,340 by the Governor of the Punjab to the chief of the Anjuman could not be made under the Colonisation of Government Lands Act. Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 10.

Abker Chaudhary answered questions on this 99 years lease herein.
How many Ahmadi’s are living in Rabwah by 2021?

We estimate barely 20,000 Ahmadi’s in the entire city. Qadiani-Ahmadi sources claim 70,000, which is a total lie. Rabwah isn’t even big enough to have 40,000 inhabitants, in fact, the population of Rabwah has been dwindling since 1984, when Ahmadi’s began leaving via fake asylum. This is easy to figure out, there are no high-rise buildings in Rabwah, its mostly single story homes, based on the square mileage, which is 9 square miles, it would be almost impossible to fit more than 20,000 people into Rabwah. Furthermore, half of the land is not living area, thus, we conclude that there are barely 20,000 Ahmadi’s in Rabwah.

The Khalifa didn’t have to move to Pakistan!!!!!

In 1947, Qadian was under siege by the Sikhs. In fact, Ahmadi’s were being killed daily. The Khalifa fled Qadian for Lahore in late September 1947 and left Ahmadi’s to die.

The Government registration was completed after the cost of the land was paid into the Jhang Government Fund on 27th June 1948. By 15th October 1948 1,000 canals had been sub-leased out to over 500 community members. The Khalifa permanently moved to Rabwah on 19th September 1949. On 3rd October he laid the founding stone of Mubarak Mosque, the first Mosque of Rabwah.


In March 1949, The Railway Station for Rabwah was approved. In April, Nusrat Girls High School was moved from Lahore to Rabwah—this was the first educational institution in Rabwah.

The first Jalsa Salana in Rabwah was held from 15th – 17th April 1949 which was attended by 16,000 people at that time.

Fazl-e-Umar Hospital started its operation on 21st April from a small camp which was under the supervision of Dr. Mirza Munawar which was later supervised by Dr. Hashmatullah.

Later that year on 14th September, work on the first and only Post Office was started.

Temporary community offices were set up at the time of inauguration, and permanent offices were set up in 1950. On 31st May 1950 His Holiness Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad laid the founding stones of following buildings: Talim-ul-Islam Highschool, Qasr-e-Khilafat, Tehrik-e-Jadid Offies, Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya, and Lajna Imaullah. In September 1950, Rabwah was divided into several different neighborhoods which were named as the following: Dar-ul-Yaman, Bab-ul Abwab, Dar-ul-Nasar, Dar-ul-Barkat, Dar-ul-Rehmat, Dar-ul-Sadar, and Dar-ul-Fazal.

Jamia Nusrat for Women was inaugurated on 14th June 1951 which was later moved into Lajna offices and in 1953 moved to its current place. On 21st may 1951 the first phone connection was given out while the first Telephone exchange was setup in 1957.

Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Office’s founding stone was laid down on 6th February 1952.

Talim ul Islam College’s founding stone was laid down on 26th June 1953.

In 1954 Electricity came into the town and on 9th June 1954 the first electric connection was put up.

On 7th November 1954 the college moved from Lahore to its new premises in Rabwah. TI College was officially inaugurated on 6th December 1954 by His Holiness Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

Ansarullah Office’s foundations were laid down on 20th February 1956.

The founding stone of building of Fazle Umar hospital was laid down on 20th February 1956 by His Holiness Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

Rabwah used to be in the vicinity of Lalian Police Station but on 22nd June 1958 the first Police Post was set up.

Neighborhoods of Rabwah?

The planned city was originally divided into following neighbourhoods (known as Mohallas):

  • Darus-Sadr or Dar al-Sadr (The Main/Central Area)
  • Darur-Rahmat or Dar al-Rahmat (The Abode of Mercy)
  • Darul-Futuh or Dar al-Futuh (The Abode of Triumphs)
  • Darul-Barakat Dar al-Barakat(The Abode of Blessings)
  • Darul-Uloom or Dar al-Ulum (The Abode of Learning)
  • Darun-Nasr or Dar al-Nasr (The Abode of Divine Help)
  • Darush-Shukr or Dar al-Shukr (The Abode of Gratitude)
  • Darul-Yumn or Dar al-Yumn(The Abode of Blessings)
  • Babul-Abwab or Bab al-Abwab (Door of the Doors)

Later on, as the city expanded, these boroughs were split into sub-divisions. Also many new neighborhoods were established like Factory Area, Tahir Abad, Nasir Abad, Rahman Colony, Muslim Colony, Buyutul-Hamd, etc.
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