A new interview has just came out wherein the mother of Nida Al-Nasser (Faiza Luqman, on twitter as @FaizatahmadA) voices her support for Nida and agrees that her daughter was raped by her own father (Mirza Luqman Ahmad). Faiza Luqman claims that she had no knowledge of what was happening to her daughter, she also claims that her father (Mirza Tahir Ahmad) had no idea. She was interviewed by Tariq Chohan, who is a rogue Ahmadi and represents Janba Sahib and his group of rogue Ahmadi’s. She also accuses Mirza Luqman Ahmad of domestic violence against her and violent child beatings of her kids.

You can listen to the full new audio herein, a shorter version can be found herein. Faiza also mentioned Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s famous prophecy of “Friday the 10th” which was never fulfilled, in this audio, she claimed that this prophecy was fulfilled in the leaking of Masroor’s audio, which happened roughly Dec-10-2021. Listen to Brother Ali and Abdul Sami Zafar giving their impression of this interview herein.

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The interviewer in the recorded audio is Tarik Chohan from the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Islah Pasand, which is one of the sub-sects of Ahmadiyyat (most of them breaking off at various points over disagreements reading leadership/succession matters).

Here’s a summary of what one can glean from this recording of Bibi Faiza (daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, 4th Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) from /u/redsulphur1229 in his earlier comment (bold emphasis is mine):

In this interview, Bibi Faiza supports her daughter’s allegations against her husband, Luqman (referring to him as “Shaitaan” numerous times), and Syed Mahmood Shah.

Regarding Syed Mahmood Shah, she says she did not want the rape allegations against him to be revealed while they were in Pakistan as her and her daughter’s lives would be in danger there, and so they waited until they arrived in the UK to speak out. This is a striking revelation.

Regarding KM5, she says she does not believe him to be divinely-guided at all. At the end of the interview, she condemns the Jamaat’s current culture of ‘shirk’ Khilafat-worship, something which is against Islam.

  • Bibi Faiza is divorced from Mirza Luqman Ahmad (and has been for many years)

  • Both Mirza Luqman Ahmad and Syed Mahmood Shah are accused, and not charged. They are both referenced in the original leaked call with Nida and KMV.

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