For many years, Rana Tanveer (a journalist) covered Ahmadiyya persecution in Pakistan (roughly 2008–2020). In fact, the Ahmadiyya Movement appreciated his work and used his work for asylum cases all over the world. However, as soon as he started reporting on Ahmadiyya issues in Thailand, Malaysia and other sex crimes, the Ahmadiyya Movement began trying to discredit him, which is very normal for the Ahmadiyya Movement. Ahmadi tolls are accusing Rana Tanveer of using the Ahmadiyya Movement to get asylum in the West.

Rana Tanveer spoke for ahmadiyya rights and he continues to do so by standing up for injustices enacted by certain office bearers against the oppressed. As far as I know, he was providing the victims who your jamaat slid under the carpet with a voice. Rather than viewing his content as criticism your jamaat can use it to encourage internal organizational reformation, so the leadership is properly vetted and is fit to hold all the responsibilities of their office place

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