Points to note from the letter:

  1. Less than two years after marrying Nusrat Jahan Sahiba (marriage November 1884), Allah has decreed that the promised Messiah should marry again to a perfect woman

2. It has been settled in the understanding of the promised Messiah that the blessed son who was prophecied a few months earlier, will be born to this third wife, who would be beautiful and pious at the same time.

3. Based on this, the promised Messiah has already started seeking matrimonial proposals and has already rejected two proposals based on God’s intervention through Istikhara. God has told him that the first one is not qualified to be his wife because she would bring disrespect and misery, whereas the second one is not pretty. As such she is not going to be able to bear a perfect, handsome son.

4. He is being bombarded by revelation in this regard which means to him that the time has likely come for the third marriage.

5. We know from relevant history that he continues the search for this ‘pious beauty’ until february 1888 when Muhammadi Begum’s poor father knocks on the promised Messiah’s door and requests him to sign a property off to them.

My questions on these points.

  1. Why would God send his only prophet in modern times, on a wild goose chase of a third marriage when the promised Messiah had just married according to God’s will? This is especially concerning because in the end, decades later, God was to tell him that the wife he already had was enough for him.

2. Was Nusrat Jahan Sahiba not pretty or not pious as she was not expected to be able to bear a son of perfect inward and outward qualities? But then, how did she become perfect by April of 1888, (21 months after the prophecy of third marriage and 9 months before the birth of Musleh Maud) that eventually she became the mother of that very, glorious son?

3. If Nusrat Jahan Sahiba had transformed by early 1888, why did the promised Messiah keep pursuing the hand of Muhammadi Begum for a third wife for another decade? Should the search not have been stopped right then and there as the promised son was already conceived? Why did God keep pushing the promised Messiah to keep pressurizing Muhammadi and her family?

4. In February 1888, he made the prophecy that he would marry Muhammadi Begum, no matter what may happen, as it had been decreed by God. We understand that Muhammadi was God’s choice instead of Nusrat Jahan Sahiba, as she was chosen after an istikhara, and she must have been prettier and holier than Nusrat Jahan Sahiba to presumably be the mother of the promised glorious son. But only three months later the glorious son was already conceived with Nusrat Jahan Sahiba. Yet God who decreed the son, who selected the genes to create perfection in that birth, and who delivered this baby unblemished, did not realize that he was supposed to deliver this son to the future mom who had already been decreed and ordered and whose Nikah had been solemnized in heavens because of her being prettier and holier than the existing wife?

5. God selects Muhammadi Begum for the promised Messiah specifically because A. she is prettier, and B. She is piouser than Nusrat Jahan Sahiba and more deserving of bearing the fruit of the other world. At the same time, the Promised Messiah also attests to the piety of Muhammadi’s father in the first letter of proposal of marriage. In a separate letter, he also attests to the piety of the husband of the auntie of Muhammadi Begum whose daughter is married with the promised Messiah’s son. This tells us that both God and the promised Messiah are totally convinced that the immediate family and extended family of Muhammadi Begum, as well as she herself are excellent people and pious muslims at the time when proposal of marriage is made in February 1888. Yet when years later the promised Messiah has failed to marry Muhammadi Begum, God tells him that this was a corrupt and anti-Islamic family and eventually they repented after the death of Muhammadi’s father and hence the decreed marriage of Muhammadi was averted. Why would God go back on his own assessment of the piety of the family?

6. Notice that as per the letter, two glad tidings have being given to the promised Messiah, one (the birth of the glorious son) which, he has already shared with his friends. The second which he has not yet shared with his friends and he is excited to do now with this letter is the third marriage with a pretty and pious lady. Also note that under direct intervention by God, one proposal was rejected because it would be the cause of sorrow and the other because she was not pretty. We know also that Muhammadi’s hand was also sought after the claim that God had approved her. My question is, why was God’s judgement so poor that he forced the promised Messiah to suffer for decades chasing a rainbow? Recall that in this process, the promised Messiah had to divorce his first wife, had his son divorce the cousin of Muhammadi and had to disown his other son. In addition he was a subject of public mockery for a decade. What kind of glad tidings end up in such bitterness?

7. Is there any way at all, to justify the fulfillment of the prophecy of this letter which is that he was to marry a perfect lady and a perfect son among other children was to be born to her? There are no conditions attached to this. There are no if this and if that. There is no repentance clause which can be invoked.

8. Is it possible that since the Musleh Maud was not born to the pious beauty, that he also was not all-powerful, perfect in outward appearance and inner qualities?

I am at a complete loss to make sense out of this prophecy and its details. Perhaps one of our trusted apologists can help make some sense out of it for all of us. While I invite my ahmadi apologist brothers to kindly answer these questions, I also appeal to their sensibilities, to avoid attacking this post with spam.


A Not Very Well Known Part of the Prophecy of Musleh Maud, i.e. the Case of the Pious Beauty from islam_ahmadiyya

Maktubat-e-Ahmad Volume 2, Page 12 and 13.

>Letter No. 4


In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious,

We praise and pray for His Messenger, the most kind,

My master and respected brother Maulvi Nooruddin Sahib, Peace of Allah on you, Assalamu Alaikum, Rahmatullah Wa Barkatah, At this time, an advertisement is sent to your kind attention regarding the elimination of illusions of opponents. Because you are the claimant of Tashabba Farooqi(Resemblance to Omar Farooq) and this humble person has an extremely good opinion of you and considers you a wellwisher and a friend, that’s why my attention remains towards you. (As such) My heart desires that I should share with my friends the blessings of my glorious God, and get the reward of (publicly) expressing of blessings as per (12 وَأَمَّا بِنِعْمَةِ رَبِّكَ فَحَدِّثُ (الضحی

So, today I am telling you as well, my sincere friend, about an incident of a prophecy.

Perhaps it has been four months since it was revealed to this humble person that a son, all-powerful, perfect in outward appearance and inner qualities, will be bestowed to you. His name will be Bashir. So, until now, I had only assumed that perhaps that blessed child will be from the existing wife (Nusrat Jahan). Now, however, most of the revelations are happening in the matter that (indicate that) soon you will have to do another marriage and it has been decreed in the court of Allah that you will be given a wife of pious desposition and good character, (and) she will bear children. The surprising thing about this is that when this revelation took place, four fruits were given to me in the state of a dream, three of them were mango fruits. But one fruit was green and very big. It was not like the fruits of this world. Even if this (part) is not revelation,(rather a dream) at the moment, but it has been implanted in my heart that the fruit which is not from among the fruits of this world, is the blessed boy because there is no doubt that the fruits mean children and while on the one hand, the glad tiding of a pious wife has been given and at the same time a dream was shown with four fruits of which one fruit is of a different form, so this is what is understood. And Allah knows best

In recent days, two people had sought to arrange a new marriage(for me). But when Istikharah was done about them, the answer was given(by Allah) about one woman that her destiny is humiliation, neediness and dishonor and she is not worthy to be your wife. And about the other, it was indicated (by Allah) that she is not good looking. As if this was an indication of the fact that the glad tiding which has been given about the boy with good looks and good character, may be born from an appearance-wise pretty wife and (who is) also of a good character. And Allah knows best.

Now the opponents, blind of eyes, are objecting as to why a boy was not born this time? A friend has published advertisements in their rebuttal. But in my understanding, before the birth of this boy, it seems necessary that this third marriage should take place because there are signs of having children in this third marriage. Probably the time for this third marriage is near. Now let us see with whom the eternal will has destined its occurance. Revelations are happening frequently in this matter and there is a certain enthusiasm in the divine intention. (Arabic)And Allah does what He wills, and He has jurisdiction over all things.


Khaksar Ghulam Ahmad Afi Anhu

From Qadian, June 18, 1886

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