This „blessed“ anniversary year of 100 Years Ahmadiyya in Germany begins with a massive corruption scandal. Sadr MKA Germany Kamal Ahmad(Murrabi) a very well-known fellow in the Jamaat was basically dismissed a couple of days ago for securing „the bag“ for himself. The new Sadr has been announced on instagram herein.

He is known for his Nazams at Jalsa and in the last couple of years for his speeches on Jalsaat and Ijtemaat as President of Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Germany. He is a trained Murrabi and appeared as an extremely fanatical followerer of khilafat and did his part in radicalizing parts of the youth with the new Khilafatism narrative. Very well respected among Qaideen he is regarded as the „first soldier of Khilafat“ in his capacity as President of MKA. For his peers he was and in fact is still praised as a „roshan sitara“ of the nizaam since most people dont know about the backgrouds of his dismissal. He was elected again and approved as Sadr MKA just in November 2022. That means barely 2 months into his tenure he was dismissed. But why am I telling you all of this? I want my believing ahmadi friends to realise that if they were fooled by this „role model“ shinning example of an ahmadi, he might not be the only one who is fooling you, I want to hint at someone who is residing in London and whoose every speech you are possibly watching on MTA.

So why was Kamal dismissed? He basically wanted to imitate his role model and make a lot of money. For that he used and abused his power in the Jamaat: -As a Murrabi he is not allowed to run business on the side, he still did -But with what money you ask? He used his trust as Sadr to get secret private loans from normal Ahmadis. We are talking thousands of euros from more than 10 people allegedly 12 -he then invested part of the money in some businesses and spend some of it on himself -he then didnt return the money of the lenders and blackmailed them by saying he would use the Nizaam against them or get them kicked out of Jamaat

Now it becomes crazy, with his „genius“ mind: -during pandemic he sets up Khidmat-„Corona Testing Stations“ all over Muqami region -as Sadr MKA he puts khuddam on duty who do the testing and do khidmat for free -these testing station with all the equipment is payed with CHANDA money from the Khidmat e Khalq budget -then he bills the german goverment for the chanda-bought tests who payed private test stations during the two year pandemic to provide free testing to the public -so he basically invest zero and makes loads of money(german goverment payed between 9-15€ per test) -this guy prints money since the testing stations probably make hundreds of thousands of tests during that timeframe

It cant get crazier? It can:

-at the Salana Ijtema 2022 MKA has a own vaccine tent -allegedly one of his relatives is the doctor who injected the vaccines(cant confirm tho) -guess whos profiting by promoting and injecting the vaccine? -guess whos private bank account the german goverment is filling with vaccine money? -Bingo dear Sadr Sahib!

But what is his biggest mistake: -one of his former ahmadi business partners is encouraged by the Naib Ameer(Hassnat, who is known by everyone for gaining personal benefits with his political games) to tell on him -the case goes to Qadha -he is called for a hearing -after hearing what he is accused of he leans back into his chair -he says that they dont have any written record of the money he stole from the normal ahmadis -he says very confidently that he cant be convicted in front of any civil court for the lack of evidence -he probably is pretty correct by his assessment -then he allegedly makes a blunder and says: If the khalifa can have businesses on the side and run offshore companies why cant he earn a little money on the side

Thats probably the sentence that gets him dismissed since the whole hearing is reported to London. His Father(Missionary Incharge Switzerland), brother(Sadr MKA Switzerland) and other relatives are allegedly involed in this mess and are being „investigated“. Private Secretary Sahib(His Pupha) is probably working his charm to not get him kicked out.

This is not about personal attacking the guy but rather about how abuse of Power is a regular practice in Jamaat and that the victims of this are normal ahmadis. There are many known instances where Sadr MKA used his contacts and power to blackmail people for personal interests. I hope some people wake up by this case and realize that lots of holy people in this Jamaat talk one way and act the other way.

His successor is not much of an upgrade. Again its a murrabi with a massive ego problem, poisonous rhetoric and extreme views. Its probably KMVs strategy to put murrabian in every key position since they are unconditionally loyal and depend on the jamaat if they arent running side businesses ofc.

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