Some unfortunate news from Ahmadiyya sources today is the murder of Syed Talay, he seems to have been working with MTA-Ghana just a few days ago and was murdered in a robbery. Ahmadiyya sources claim that he was travelling from Tamale to Accra. He worked extensively with MTA, in fact, he worked on the Khalifa’s famous weekly program, “This week with Huzor”, and many other close interactions with the Khalifa, see his interview herein. I have archived a 15-second clip on Tik Tok also. His name is also spelled Syed Tallay Ahmad and Syed Taalay Ahmad. He had been working for MTA for at least 5 years.

He seems to have been a Waqfe-Zindagi (Sacrificed for Life) type of Ahmadi. Most of the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad take this title also and thus get into positions of power like MTA and etc. He was the son-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Qadir Shaheed (killed in 1999 in Rabwah). His widow’s name is Satwat Mirza. He was also the great-grandson of Dr. Syed Muhammad Ismail and Mirza Bashir Ahmad. Watch Ak Shaikh’s video on this herein. Ak Shaikh explains how Rabwah Times had made a video explaining how Syed Tallay was killed, however, it was removed after just a few hours (12:03 time stamp)._____________________________________________________________________________________________
Some feedback from the islam/ahmadiyya reddit forum

Just listening to the Friday Sermon, Mirza Masroor Ahmad is totally milking the death of Taalay. This sermon is utterly distasteful… The whole time MK5 is just talking about how much of a loyal, Khilafat, Jamaat loving dude he was. Using him as a poster boy for more Ahmadis toooo devote their lives to his Family Business.

What frustrates me is that here is a young man who meant well, clearly had talent and good qualities, who was manipulated and deceived into thinking that all he needed to do in life to succeed was to serve & be devoted to the Khalifa and love him the most, even to the point that his name was on his lips in his last moments. And nobody cared to guide him rightly, they just basically used him. Knowing what we know about how corrupt our leaders truly are, makes this an even more tragic event.

Honestly I feel like our leaders really don’t care how many Ahmadis tragically die or are murdered etc. They really only care about holding on to power & control in Jama’at and keeping their prestige, honor & status. And this glorification of tragic deaths and martyrdoms is really getting out of hand. I wonder what the tipping point will be?

I hope and pray the youth of our Jama’at view this as a wake up call to hold our leaders accountable for their sins & evil ways.

Do not forget that ex-Ahmadis are well aware of the ways of Jammat. His death is tragic indeed never for a minute i denied that. However we must remember elite Ahmadis normally are on payroll of jammat and get the position where they are paid top money for jobs that allow them to travel on Jammat budget. None of these elite Ahmadis will go to Jamia for 7 years, its always the lower working class Ahmadis who are expected to sacrifice their time and life.

Here is a fun fact no Khalifa, not even the current one went to Jamia Ahmadiyya even though he keeps telling Khuddam to become Murabbis, but guess what he never became a Murabbi himself.

Also, you never answered why Hazur never mentions the Murabbis rotting in Pakistani jails, and here is the thing they are not even nominated in any cases but the Naziran are and in order to protect the Naziran these lower class Murabbis are in Jail as bonded prisoners until the Jammat gives up the actual individuals who are nominated in those cases.




SAHIBZADA MIRZA GHULAM QADIR AHMAD, Murdered on: 14 April 1999 At: Rabwah/Chiniot bridge

The Sahibzada was abducted from his farm by four ‘proclaimed offenders’ of the extremist Lashkare Jhangvi group who had made a heinous plan. When at the bridge, they got stuck in a traffic jam. The victim struggled to be free, but they shot him. He was rushed to the hospital where he died. He was highly qualified in computer science and had dedicated his life to the service of the Jamaat. He was 37. He left behind a widow and four children.
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