The 1941 Jalsa at Qadian was held during WW-2 and after the Japanese had bombed Hawaii.
Per the ROR of June-1942 (and the Al-Fazl of June 1941, Friday Sermon), the 2nd Khalifa was asking Ahmadi’s at this Jalsa to send men from the Punjab to come to Qadian and prepare to defend Qadian against an invasion, or friendly fire from a new government.

The 2nd Khalifa alleged that there were 30,000 Ahmadis in the district of Gurdaspur, he alleged that about 5000 would be adult males. Thus, he wanted about 1500 men. The 2nd Khalifa said that the Sialkot district should give 1000 and 500 each from Hoshiarpur and Jullundhur. Interestingly, there was an Ahmady company working on the Burmese border, in fact, my maternal grandfather served in this war. The 2nd Khalifa goes onto to also mention 4 additional districts, Lahore, Gujranwala, Shaikhupura and Amritsar and asks them to supply a similar amount of men.

The 2nd Khalifa then states that Ahmadi’s who don’t fight to their death to defend Qadian are not Momins. The 2nd Khalifa mentions a speech of his from April-17-1942 wherein he mentioned how an ahmadi gave his life for the cause. The 2nd Khalifa wanted old men and little children to die in the defense of Qadian. The 2nd Khalifa said that defended Qadian was every Ahmadi’s duty. The 2nd Khalifa discusses the idea that the British Government might be finished and a new government (Japanese) will be worse than the Brits. The 2nd Khalifa insists that he had a vision about the fate of the British and how they were saved from destruction per this vision (Roya). The 2nd Khalifa said that anyone who thinks that the Brits will lose this war are wrong. The 2nd Khalifa said that Allah is protecting the British Government and they will not lose.


On 27 December 1941, during his address at the Jalsa Salana Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa said that it was an important responsibility of the members “to increase the publication of the newspapers and magazines of the Jamaat. They should remember that a tree that is not watered regularly, becomes bare at last, and according to the needs of this age, the newspapers are like the ‘water’, and thus, it is essential for one to read them. I have mentioned this need on many occasions, but unfortunately, there is not much attention.

“Some even object due to their ignorance that ‘in the newspapers, the same things are repeated time and time again’. However, it is necessary to repeat the beneficial matters. If repetition is so wrong, then why do people repeat the acts of eating food and drinking water?

“Just like a human body’s need for energy requires one to intake food and water, similarly, their mind also requires that they are reminded about certain matters. In the absence of such reminders, the impact could fade away. […]

“Therefore, reminding about something, in itself, is not an objectionable matter, since there are many things which are being repeated and one desires them to be repeated. […] Thus, it is wrong to imply that ‘same points are repeated time and time again.’” (Al Fazl, 9 January 1942, p. 1)

The 2nd Khalifa continued:

“The members of the Jamaat must pay attention to subscribing to the Jamaat newspapers, to read them and to benefit from them. […] I myself read them as much as I can. […] I have not seen any article being re-published, but even if an article has been re-published, its style and way of narration would be different. This method proves to be fruitful, and even some ordinary points are very beneficial in some instances. […]

“Therefore, members [of the Jamaat] are required to pay special attention to the publication of newspapers, and others should be encouraged as well. […] The newspapers are not only beneficial for them, but essential for [the moral training of] their progeny as well.” (Ibid, pp. 1-2)

While advising members of the Jamaat about subscribing and preserving the Jamaat periodicals, The 2nd Khalifa said:

“A day would come when they may not be in this world, but their progeny would be reading those newspapers, and refreshing their faith. It would be difficult for [their progeny] to obtain [old issues of the Jamaat periodicals]. Look, one finds it very difficult to obtain old issues of Al Fazl and [TheReview [of Religions], and many members have told me personally that they could not find old issues [of the Jamaat periodicals].

“Therefore, members [of the Jamaat] need to pay attention to taking benefit by subscribing to these periodicals, and archiving them for their coming generations.” (Ibid, p. 2)

After mentioning the services and objectives of various periodicals of the Jamaat, The 2nd Khalifa:

“The members need to subscribe to these newspapers and magazines. One should consider the subscription to them and reading them as essential as breathing is for life, or as important as they deem their food intake to be. […] I hope that from now onwards, the members will pay attention to subscribing to the newspapers and magazines.” (Ibid)
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