During his address at the Jalsa Salana Rabwah, Pakistan, on 27 December 1953, the 2nd Khalifa said:

“One can enhance their knowledge either through a blessed company or by reading literature. […] One should increase their knowledge through reading, which is very easy nowadays, since presses have been established, newspapers and magazines have been launched. They disseminate an immense amount of knowledge, and one can benefit from reading them.” (Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 24, pp. 176-177)

the 2nd Khalifa then mentioned various newspapers and magazines of the Jamaat, and said:

“Anyhow, one should read these newspapers, and the newspapers should also strive to make themselves beneficial [for the readers].” (Ibid, p. 179)

While advising the members to write academic articles for the Jamaat periodicals, the 2nd Khalifa said:

“The authors of our newspapers and magazines, and the educated members of the Jamaat are required to pay attention to writing academic articles as much as possible.” (Ibid, p. 182)

The 2nd Khalifa then advised the members of the Jamaat to write research articles for the community’s periodicals, and to present new arguments to prove the truthfulness of Islamic teachings. For this, the 2nd Khalifa said, they needed to broaden their scope of reading

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