Via Seeratul Mahdi (1923) and other early books on the life of MGA, it becomes clear that the 2nd Khalifa (and his team of writers) fabricated most of the #AnonymousHindu miracles related to MGA, on top of that, there were no additional witnesses. MGA alleged that there were Arya Samaj Hindu’s from Qadian who have witnessed his signs, he gives the name of Lalah Sharampat and his friend Lala Malawamal. MGA also claims to have told Sharampat before hand about Duleep Singh. Lala Malawamal was a close friend of Lala Sharampat, they were both from Qadian, these are the 2 Hindu’s that MGA mentions in Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya 1-4, the 3rd is Bishandas Brahman (See Haqiqatul Wahy). MGA also claims that Lalah Sharampat and Lala Malawamal were the witnesses in this famous revelation, that became a ring that All Ahmadi’s wear, “Is Allah not sufficient for his servant”. MGA also claims that he prophecied the death of his father (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) and these 2 were the witnesses. (See “Qadian Kei Aryah Aur Hamm”, in english it would be “The Aryas of Qadian”). MGA also alleges that he prophecied the assassination of Dayanand, and Lalah Sharampat was the witness.

It is evident that Qadianis do not truly believe in the prophet Muhammad SAW as they believe in their Qadiani Babas (MGA and his papacy) because they try their best to deny the miracles of all the prophets, especially the prophet Muhammad SAW. They try to disprove his miracles and argue that those Ahadith are fabricated and make up silly arguments for denying the prophetic miracles in the Quran.

We want to be fair so we are objectively observing the Qadiani Ahadith. Upon careful observation, it is evident that the majority of miracles witnessed by the #AnonymousHindu are narrated by K2. He does not even say that he heard from someone or witnessed himself. He just narrates miraculous stories witnessed by the #AnonymousHindu who most likely does not exist and there is no way for anyone to verify the stories. However, Qadianis are forced to believe in them because of their faith in K2.

Among the most famous miracles of MGA is the miracle of MGA’s tiger which attacked the #AnonymousHindu that was trying to hypnotize MGA and then became a believer of MGA but never to be found like K4’s African Kings, ironically. Not surprisingly, the very story was narrated by K2 in Seerat al Mahdi and he gave no chain of narrators or eye witnesses, which Qadianis need to treat as either a weak or fabricated Hadith. However, we find the likes of Ahmadi Answers still love to propagate these as signs.

The quotes

(6) In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Hazrat Walida Sahiba narrated to me that the Promised Messiah said, “On one occasion, I was returning to Qadian from some journey, I reached Batala for Qadian and hired a ride for travel. A Hindu passenger was about to sit right when we were about to sit and the Hindu quickly sat in the place away from the sun, making me sit where the sun was facing.” Hazrat Sahib then said, “When we got out of the city, a cloud came between me and the sun.” I asked Walida Sahiba if the Hindu said anything about this and she replied saying that the Hindu was very embarrassed and asked to be pardoned. Walida Sahiba says that these were those hot days.

Yours humbly states that Mawlavi Sher Ali Sahib also narrated this to me and said that he heard of this event from the Promised Messiah himself. The only conflict is that Mawlavi Sahib gave Amritsar in place of Batala in the story and expressed his certainty in the matter that the Hindu experienced the supernatural event and was very embarrassed. 

(8) In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Hazrat Walida Sahiba narrated to me that the Promised Messiah narrated to her, “On one occasion, when I was travelling, At night time we were lodging in some house on the second floor and in that room, there were seven or eight other men lodging in that room. When everyone was asleep and one portion of the night had passed, I started hearing a “tuck tuck” noise and fear developed in my heart that this roof is about to fall. Upon this happening, I told my companion, Maseeta Beg that I fear that the roof is about to collapse. He said, “Mian, this is your superstition. This is a newly built home and the roof is completely new. Go to sleep in peace.”” Hazrat Sahib stated, “I then laid down but after a little while, that fear conquered my heart again and it felt as if it would shatter so this time I forced Maseeta Beg to wake up along with everyone else and had them evacuated. Everyone left the exit from the stairs and as I had one foot out, the roof collapsed along with the roof under and the charpoys that we slept on were completely destroyed.” I asked Walida Sahiba who Maseeta Beg was and she replied, “He was a distant-close relative of your paternal grandfather.”

Yours humbly states that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Thani explained this story on one occasion in the following way that this event took place in Sialkot where the Promised Messiah worked and that the roof was waiting for him to leave so that it could collapse. Moreover, Khalifa Thani stated that Hindus in the room witnessed this and this event made them grow great faith in Hazrat Sahib.

(73) In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Hazrat Ameer ul Mu’mineen, Khalifa Saani narrated that on one occasion, a Hindu that was a resident of Gujarat came to Qadian because of a wedding. He was an expert in hypnotism and told his companions, let us go to meet Mirza Sahib so that he could hypnotize him and make him do vain things. He came to the mosque and concentrated on the Promised Messiah and then got frightened but then controlled himself. Again, he tried to hypnotize the Promised Messiah but got frightened again until he was able to control himself. Finally, he tried to hypnotize the Promised Messiah again but at this attempt he screamed and fled without his shoes and others followed in suit. He was later approached and asked about what had happened. He said that at the first time he attempted to hypnotize the Promised Messiah, he became frightened from seeing a tiger in the distance but he got a hold of himself and reassured himself that this was his suspicion. Then he attempted to hypnotize the Promised Messiah again but this time the tiger appeared in more proximity than before so he became frightened. He again told himself that this was just his suspicion and tried another time. This time the tiger attacked him so he fled.

Khalifa Saani states that after this the Hindu became a great supporter of the Promised Messiah and would keep writing back and forth to him.

(77) In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Hazrat Khalifa Sani narrated that in the time of the Promised Messiah, a court case was filed with the mosque of the Ahmadi Jama’at in Kapurthala and the non Ahmadis there. The judge appointed for the case was a non Ahmadi and was also an opponent and took his side against the Ahmadis so the Ahmadis of Kapurthala were worried and wrote to the Promised Messiah to pray. Huzoor responded by saying, “If I am true then you will get the mosque.” The judge had written his verdict against the Ahmadis and was going to read it out that day. It just so happened on that very day that the judge put on his clothes and came out of his home onto his porch and told his servant to tie his boots as he sat down. Suddenly, as the servant was tying his boot laces, he heard a noise. As he looked up, his master had collapsed on the chair and when he checked his pulse, he realized that he had died. The heart had suddenly stopped beating and the soul had departed the body. A Hindu was substituted for him and he ripped up the final verdict and made a decision in favour of the Ahmadis.

Mawlavi Mir Muhammad Ismail Sahib Mawlavi Fazil narrated to me, “On one occasion I visited the Ahmadi mosque in Kapurthala and saw that they had the Promised Messiah’s statement, “If I am true then you will get the mosque” written in beautiful and bold writing.” Yours humbly submits that the Kapurthala Ahmadi community was from among the old and sincere followers of the Promised Messiah. I have heard that they have in possession a letter from the Promised Messiah that reads, “The way that the Kapurthala Ahmadi community has accompanied me in this world, I pray that they also accompany me in paradise.”

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