The Lahori-Ahmadi’s have renovated their temple in Berlin, the Berlin Mosque, this was for their 100-year anniversary. You can read about the full history of Ahmadiyya in Germany (Lahori and Qadiani) herein.


Mosque Renovation Opening, 13 August 2022

Photographs and Report

See report further down this page.

1. Photographs at Mosque entrance

Hazrat Ameer Dr. A.K. Saeed, Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya, performing the opening

Above: Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed giving interview to the news media

2. Photographs of the function inside the Mosque

Above: Welcome to the visitors



Above: Imam Amir Aziz speaking



Above and below: Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed addressing the gathering


Above: Imam Amir Aziz speaking



Above: Some speakers and visitors with Imam Amir Aziz


3. Photographs at dinner


4. Report of the proceedings of the day

The day began with Dars-i Quran (a talk on the Quran) by Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed after Fajr Prayer.

The official opening of the Mosque was held at 4 pm. Participants from various religious, political, literary and social strata of the society participated in the event. The media gave special attention to the event. The ceremony was broadcast on the main TV channel. Hazrat Ameer inaugurated the ceremony with a recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha followed by the ribbon cutting.

The programme started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Yasir Aziz followed by its translation in German by Mr. Ozkhan. Saleena Aziz performed as Master of the Ceremony in German and English languages.

The history of the Mosque was presented by the Imam. Later on Hazrat Ameer presented his keynote address on the topic Islam is the Religion of Peace. His address was appreciated by everyone present. Dr Gerdien Jonker, a historian and well-known writer, spoke about the glorious history of the mosque. The architect Mr Nitschke explained all phases of the renovation of the Mosque. Mr Zakaria Aloklak represented Arab-German organization ABZiel and talked about religious harmony as presented by Berlin Mosque. Mr. Inshaal Ahmad from UK delivered his wonderful speech in German language. He spoke about the Role of Muslim Youth in a multi-cultural and multi-religious Society.

Our special guest, the Ambassador of the Republic of Bangladesh Mr Mosharaf, addressed the meeting and presented his congratulations on this historic moment. He emphasised the importance of religious harmony in society, which is promoted by the work done by the Berlin Mosque. He said that his country is a secular country where people of all faiths live with absolute peace and harmony. Dr Gardi Nutzel represented Religious Forum Berlin. She spoke in German and congratulated the AAIIL on this historic moment.

Mr Arif Naqvi from India, who is writer of more than 30 books, a renowned poet, author, and drama writer in literary circles, gave a wonderful speech about religious harmony and tolerance in society. His presence was a great honour for us and the gathering. Mr Amerjeet Sing represented the Sikh community, presenting a message of love and peace to all. Pastor Oliver from the African community made a speech as well and talked about religious harmony being the need of the time. Mr Sarwar Ghazali, a well-known writer, poet and novelist, also made a speech and congratulated the AAIIL on the completion of this uphill task.

It was a great success that people of all faiths and all social circles were present at the function. Our neighbours in the Mosque area were specially invited to attend this event and they enjoyed the event.

The programme ended with Asr prayer and closing prayers by Hazrat Ameer followed by dinner.

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