Ahmadiyya sources report that Hafiz Jamal Ahmad was a companion of MGA and a missionary to Mauritius from 1928 to 1949. He left Bombay (now Mumbai) on 17 July 1928 and reached Mauritius after travelling for 10 continuous days.

He died on 27 December 1949 and was buried in Mauritius. After his death, the Ahmadiyya Community at Mauritius was in shambles, many problems arose and splinter sects.


Hafiz Jamal Ahmad Sahib, a missionary of the Ahmadiyya Movement had, on one occasion, an interview with Mirza Sultan Muhammad, husband of Muhammadi Begum, which was published in the AI-Fazal of 9-13 June 1921, in the lifetime of Mirza Sultan Muhammad. Hafiz Ahmad Sahib states as follows:

If you would not mind, I would like to ask you about the prophecy of Hazrat Mirza Sahib concerning his marriage. He replied: ‘You can ask me freely’; and on my putting the question to him he stated: ‘My father-in-law, Mirza Ahmad Beg Sahib, died in accordance with the prophecy, but God Almighty is Forgiving and Merciful and hears the supplications of His servants and has mercy on them.’

He was asked: ‘Have you any comments on the prophecy of Mirza Sahib, or did it raise any doubts in your mind?’ to which he replied:

‘The prophecy raised no doubts in my mind. I state on oath that the faith and belief that I have in Hazrat Sahib are, I conceive, stronger than that of those of you who have entered into a covenant of allegiance with him.’

Thus the turning back of Mirza Sultan Muhammad Sahib is clear and obvious. As the prophecy was conditional, its remaining portions were averted through repentance after the death of Mirza Ahmad Beg. These included Muhammadi Begum’s marriage to the Promised Messiah after the death of Mirza Sultan Muhammad. As his death was deferred, the question of any other marriage did not arise.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________

The 3rd Ahmadiyya mullah is sent to Mauritius from Qadian, his name is Jamal Ahmad. They claim that he is a Hafiz, however, this a lie. Who verified his Hifz? See the January-1930 edition of ROR. He left Bombay (now Mumbai) on 17 July 1928 and reached Mauritius after travelling for 10 continuous days.

On the 27th July 1928: Hafiz Jamal Ahmad was sent to Mauritius as a missionary. He spent the next 21 years serving there, propagating the message of Islam on this island. He passed away on 27 December 1949 and was buried there. On his demise, the 2nd Khalifa said about Mauritius, “Blessed is that land where one as supremely resolute and pious as him is buried”.


TITLE OF THE BOOK:  Paishgoi Ahmad Baig aour Sultan Mohammed kee Haqiqat – 
This book is in urdu – written by Hafiz Jamal Ahmad Missionary Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius – Published in Qadian in August 1931 – First edition – consist of 26 pages.

Paishgoi Ahmad Baig Aur Sultan Mohmmad Ki haqiqat

The ROR of Jan-Feb-1934 has a letter from Hafiz Jamal Ahmad wherein he gives a brief state of affairs at Rose Hill, Mauritius.

In an official document presented to the Governor General of India, the Ahmadiyya Movement and the 2nd Khalifa claim to have many local converts to Ahmadiyya (See ROR of April-1934).

The ROR of March-1941 has an essay by him entitled, “Sabr-o-Salat”. These are actually notes and signed off by Ahmad Yadullah from Rosehill, Mauritius.

He died on 27 December 1949 and was buried in Mauritius. The jamaat really fell into tough times after his death.

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