My great-grandfather was a Sunni-Muslim, his name was Baba Jeevun Shah. He was from the village of Mandir, Lala Moosa, Pakistan. He built a masjid on his land for all the Muslims of the village, Shia and Sunni, we think it is Masjid Abu Baqr. His son was my grandfather (paternal), Ghulam Ali Shah, he was born a Muslim. Per the testimony of my father, his mother (baybay) converted to Ahmadiyya around 1946 (my dad was born in 1944), which she was married with 5+ children. Her brothers were Qadiani, we are unclear on how she signed a bait form since she was totally illiterate. She probably thought it was a Sufi order. Her husband (my paternal grandfather) didn’t convert at that time. They both came to the USA in the mid-1980’s, half of their kids were married off to Ahmadi’s and half were married to Sunni-Muslims. My grandmother died in 1989 and her janaza was led by Ahmadi’s. My grandfather died in 1999 and his janaza was read by Ahmadi’s. Baba Jeevun Shah came to the USA also in this era and returned to Pakistan wherein he passed. He was buried in Mandir and Sunni-Muslims read his janaza. I had seen a photo of him in an old family album.

The Ahmadiyya Movement preyed on my innocent forefathers.

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