MGA and his team of writers totally stole 90% of their beliefs from Sir Syed, I have several essay’s on this topic. MGA’s style of argument was to reduce something in value before claiming it for himself, he did this many times, from his claims to be Esa (as) to prophethood and many other things.

MGA’s team also stole from Sir Syed in terms of Chapter 17 (from Sir Syed Tafsir’s), Sir Syed made a passing remark on this theory of insects getting regenerated neither to refute nor endorse but in some other context. MGA and his team stole in and put in a few books, the quotes are in the below.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ INSECTS ARE BORN WITHOUT PARENTS LIKE ADAM

1896–Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam page 13 – We observe daily that thousands of insects infect impure and stale foods and are generated in unwashed wounds. Dirty linen secretes hundreds of lice and all sorts of worms are generated inside a person’s stomach. It cannot be said that all these come from outside or can be observed descending from heaven.

1906–Fountain of Christianity page 29 – When thousands of insects are born by themselves during the rainy season, and Adamas was also born without parents, it is no proof of Jesus’ eminence if he, too, was born in the same manner.

1908—Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 23, p. 343, was posted on twitter in 2020


khatima kitab, this seems to be a new book within this book. After the khatima Kitab portion ends then this new portion of Chashma e Maarifat starts with page 1. You only need 3 pages if you want the context. He goes onto bash Arya Hindus and say that they believe that souls travel down to the grass like light/ shabnam… he said this is against science and therefore Islam is superior. That’s why he went on to give all those anecdotes on animals being created out of the blue to prove Islam as being superior. He gave other anecdotes such as insects being created in flowers. Then he finally got to the weird bird in Africa anecdote. He’s arguing how this is scientific and proves Islam to be true.

The quote

“”and fruits of some trees when they become firm and ready to eat, then, they all turn into birds, and like other birds, they fly away… some jungles of africa, many such trees exist, whose fruits turn into little birds and then start flying away..”

1908—Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Part 5 page 68 – In the rainy season, thousands of insects are born without a father or mother and come out of the earth on their own; no one declares them to be God, no one worships them, no one prostrates before them.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad totally copied Sir Syed Ahmad Khan of Aligarh


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