The Mirza family doesn’t care if Ahmadi’s die or suffer, they want their chanda and that’s it. We have already proved this in many ways, a good example is how Mirza Tahir Ahmad openly said that he sees persecution as free press.

In 2023, the 5th Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad was asked about the recent uptick in Ahmadiyya persecution and when it would end. Mirza Masroor Ahmad responded by telling the Ahmadi that once he prayed to Allah and asked as to when the persecution would end, the Khalifa alleges that his God told him that if every Ahmadi in the jamaat would fervently pray for 3 days, the persecution would end, and this proves that it is the fault of #ahmadis and persecution will remain until Ahmadi’s fix themselves.

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The Mirza family loves the persecution, they call it free press


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