The ROR of Sep-1942 reproduces a Friday sermon of the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud from August 7th, 1942 (via Al-Fazl). In this sermon, the 2nd Khalifa is afraid of a pending Japanese invasion from the East and a German invasion from the North-West. He even accuses native Indians of trying to organize a strike and calls it ridiculous. The 2nd Khalifa complains about lawlessness in British-India and how the different local villages had approached him about creating his own state. The 2nd Khalifa harps about the Congress and how they could be looking to work with the Germans or Japanese. The 2nd Khalifa complains about Ghandi. The 2nd Khalifa claims that the Ahmadiyya Movement has served as loyal to the British and never even accepted a penny. He reminds Ahmadi’s that they have done Bait with the Mirza family and they have thus sold themselves. He then tells Ahmadi mothers that they must be ready to sacrifice their sons for Ahmadiyya and very soon.

The ROR of Sep-1942 then reproduces a Friday sermon of the 2nd Khalifa from Aug-18-1942, entitled, “Our Course in the Indian Crisis”. In this sermon, he accuses the Indian National Congress of rebellion against the British Government in their time of crisis. The 2nd Khalifa alleges that Ahmadi’s have been on the side of the British Government in every difficulty. The 2nd Khalifa mentions the Ahrar and their connection with the Congress he also says that the British Government supported the Ahrar’s. The 2nd Khalifa then mentions how Mr. Butler, the Under secretary of British India, lied to the British Government and claimed that Ahmadiyya was loyal, even though all the internal reports said the opposite. The 2nd Khalifa then claims that any Ahmadi can help the British government in their personal capacity, however, if the British Government supports the Congress, the Mirza family will not help the British.

The ROR of Oct-1942 reports that the 2nd Khalifa gave a Friday sermon which was reported in the Al-Fazl of Sep-5th, 1942. The 2nd Khalifa seems to have been enroute to Palampur, British-India. He announced a decision from Palampur, which was reported in the Al-Fazl of Aug-18th. The 2nd Khalifa cries about Tahrik-e-Jadid and how lots of Ahmadi’s didn’t participate. The 2nd Khalifa discusses his disappointment with Montagu–Chelmsford Reforms. Again, the 2nd Khalifa is telling Ahmadi’s that the day is coming wherein they must die for Ahmadiyya. 

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