Former chairman of PEMRA reports on Qadiani’s and sex crimes in Pakistan. You can read about Absar Alam herein. In his essay, he accuses General Bajwa (an undercover Qadiani)(son-in-law of Major General Ijaz Amjad) of being complicit in sex crimes all around Pakistan and in-concert with many Qadiani’s.


The trap of videos, daughters of the nation, a sad reality
March 10, 2023

The trap of videos, daughters of the nation, a sad reality
Immediately after getting the extension, General Bajwa called a few anchors in early 2020 and told that during a meeting, I showed Chief Justice Saqib Nisar a video in which a woman was doing immoral things to a diplomat which was not normal. I am “invisible and unappreciable”.

General Bajwa told Saqib Nisar that “Look what we have to do for “national security” and to hide secrets from others”. Saqib Nisar was impressed by General Bajwa’s ability and competence after seeing the woman’s “sacrifice” for “national service” in this video.

This conversation between Bajwa and Saqib is the height of indifference, indifference and moral decline, but when such a conversation is done by the Chief Justice of the time who is the protector of fundamental rights and the Army Chief who is the protector of life, wealth and honor of the nation. If the army chief himself mentions this in front of the anchors and is proud of it, then it becomes a very painful reality from which no sensitive person can steal his eyes.

Senior journalist and Pakistan’s first TV anchor Syed Talat Hussain was also present in that meeting with General Bajwa, Talat confirmed this incident while talking to me and Talat has also mentioned it in one of his vlogs.

General Bajwa mentioned the “feat”, is it a single event or a “strategy”?
Women who are “sacrificed” for such “national service” are they Pakistani or non-national?

What is the future of those women?
Do such heinous and dirty projects have any resonance in our constitution, law, culture, ethics and religion?
Let’s open this matter and find the answers to these questions, so that the people will also know how our name is smeared here and how the innocent daughters of the nation are being exploited and their lives are being destroyed.

The days were summer and the year was 2014. Imran Khan’s sit-in was coming and going, the media was going nowhere.
A 23-year-old bold female current affairs anchor working in a famous TV channel called me in a panic. The lady anchor belongs to a military family and her father also retired from the army as an officer.

The female anchor’s voice was full of anger and worry. She said she wanted to share something with me and seek advice.
I couldn’t believe what he said on the phone call. I try to write them all here in decent words.

Due to her official journalistic responsibilities, the female anchor used to travel to different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh along with other journalists on various operations and projects related to ISPR, ISI and Army. was

In those days, the narrative of Imran Khan was broadcasted through the media and specific anchors, presenting him as a righteous man and a messiah, and defaming Nawaz Sharif by accusing him of being a thief, robber, corrupt, traitor, blasphemer and infidel. The campaign was at its peak.

The directors and producers of Project Imran Khan felt that a male anchor and columnist working for a major Pakistani TV channel deviated from the dictated line on Imran Khan’s style of politics and the performance of the PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government
. Instead of “positive reporting”, it is criticizing negatively. At the same time, he used to shoot arrows at the secret hideouts of Imran Khan.

The plan to bring the critical male anchor and columnist on line was finalized and an ISI officer, whose code name started with “A”, was given the “important” task.
Colonel “A” told the female anchor one day that you can be an “asset” for this country as much as you are capable, so I have “officially approached” you to do your journalistic work as well as for us. Also work. This is a very good opportunity for you to prove your abilities by doing “national service” and you will not only climb the ladder of advancement but also the money will rain like rain.

The “national service” to create an “asset” was that the female anchor was told to befriend the male anchor of the big TV channel, then grow that friendship, so much so that it reached the “unseen and unappreciated” stage. Go where we can make a nasty video on the basis of which we can blackmail that male anchor and play it on our given line. It is guaranteed that your face will not appear at all in that video and no one will know that it is you.
The female anchor said: “Colonel “A” told me this with such confidence and business-like that it was no big deal.”

The lady anchor said that I have refused, I am very shocked and angry and I have said very harsh things to him. I said, you have done absolutely right, don’t worry, Allah will help you.

A few days later, the officer (who is now retired) boldly repeated the same “official” offer to the female anchor and said during the discussion, “What religion and ethics are you talking about, this is all Saudi Arabia.” Agencies also do the same so you should think more, there is a great opportunity if you miss it, you will face more difficulties in the field.

The female anchor again refused. And at the same time told that male anchor that this plan is being made against you and I have been offered for this job.

A few days after rejecting Colonel A’s offer twice, during an interview with Imran Khan, the female anchor, forced by her journalistic instincts, asked some questions that spoiled the mood of Saqib Nisar’s “Sadiq wa Amin” and the next The same day that female anchor was fired from the TV channel.

That female anchor is Batul Rajput!

Batul Rajput said that if you want to reveal my name, it is your decision. I will not mind your decision. That’s why I am sharing the name with her consent because she wants the message and motivation for girls working in journalism and newcomers that if you intend to follow the right path, never show weakness. Stick to your principles, trust in Allah, He will help you and get you out of trouble.
Batul Rajput says that she doesn’t want to tell anyone about herself because she doesn’t want cheap fame.
The name of the male anchor has not been revealed as I do not have his permission.
Hear more.
There is a four-kanal government institution house in street number 16 of F6/3 sector of Islamabad, right next to Jahangir Tareen’s house. A former colonel in charge of ISI Islamabad Directorate has also been running his “Private Property Office” on the upper floor of this house.
On the ground floor of this house, a civilian reprobate, a criminal, with the help of agencies, has been threatening and blackmailing innocent, young girls coming to Islamabad for education from small towns and cities for the past 20 years. Kar continued to run the dirty business of “unseen and undeserved” tasks from them.

Senior officers of ISI and ISPR were often found there. The miscreant would lure the girls on the pretext of giving them a job or a program on a YouTube channel and use the name and appearance of senior military officers to intimidate the girls, first intoxicate them with cigarettes, hashish and alcohol, and then lure them to various men. Friendship is forced by coercion.

He uses Rabwah’s approved Qur’an and translation for his own ends to trap innocent girls, drug them and force them to commit abominable acts. Because not everyone knows what his real religion is.

He then takes “unseen and unwatchable” pictures and secret videos of the girls while they are drunk. Through photo blackmailing, girls are forced to befriend different people and do immoral things and then make indecent pictures and videos to blackmail those people.

The man was also given a phone SIM with an undisclosed number, through which he would call and blackmail girls who resisted the black trade and immorality by concealing their identity through this number. Will send all pictures, videos and details to family members.

Innocent girls who come to study in Islamabad, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, away from their middle-class homes with dreams of a bright future, some of them cannot resist such blackmailing and are forced to do so.
They get so badly trapped in this dirty and disgusting trap that they can never get out and can’t do anything with the help of their parents, family or the law. Trapped in this hideous trap, they spoil their innocence and future and turn their peaceful life into hell.
This criminal person is called “ISI’s pimp” by the intelligence agencies themselves. His colleagues called his lair the “bastard’s dark den”.

How did a tea-serving chap in a property dealer’s office amass so much wealth in just a few years?
Where did the tall cars come from?
Who gave this disgusting person the possession of this house for such abominable acts?

This is the same house where senior ISI officers used to come to settle matters with Jahangir Tareen before and during the 2014 dharna and Jahangir Tareen secretly entered the house from the back side of his house without being exposed to the media. He entered.
Army Chief General Hafiz Asim Munir is required to confirm with any former intelligence officer assigned in the Islamabad Directorate about this disgraced person, with whom he would have done this work there and with which senior intelligence officer on the upper floor. Be in use.
Chief Sir, the motto of Pakistan Army is “Jihad fi sabil Allah”, is this Jihad for Allah in the name of Allah?
Is there any example of such war strategy in our religion?
If so, tell me in which Jihad this “high” strategy was used?

Can any Pakistani father or brother, in or out of uniform, even think of making their daughters or sisters part of such a war strategy?
We all have sisters, daughters. Put your hand on your heart and tell us, can we bear that our sister or daughter is caught in such a trap?
What graces the guardians of a nation to have such abominable prostitution by themselves or by society’s vilest, devilish, evil, and criminal agents?
If not, then how is this dirty business happening in the Kingdom of God Pakistan, which the former Army Chief proudly mentions sitting with the former Chief Justice and then admits it in front of many anchors?

All this is going on with whose permission and will?
Was this abominable “doctrine” approved at the highest level?

Will you be able to give the answer to Allah?
Or are these daughters of the nation (whose protection is the responsibility of the state) belong to the ordinary people whose livelihood is becoming dust, whose fate is to become the fuel of the insolence of the small people sitting in a great position?

Chief Sir, get the Special Investigation Unit (SIB) of the Army to investigate, and close all such evil bases in Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan and free the daughters of the nation from the clutches of such heinous criminals. Give these daughters the right to live a safe life of their own choice and teach them a lesson by taking back government houses, vehicles, illicit wealth and privileges from such despicable characters.
If such a doctrine is part of the strategy at the official level, then the nation should be told which religious scholar has issued a fatwa that it is permissible and under which law it is being done?

Thousands of young sons of the nation and Pakistan Army have sacrificed their precious lives while protecting their motherland and are still doing it today. Thousands more were injured or disabled for life. The sacrifices of those thousands of martyrs are defamed by the ugly people of the society and their guardian institutions and the entire Pakistan Army by their hideous act under the guise of uniform. Suppression of such elements is necessary so that those who tarnish the name of the army can achieve their ends.
It is the duty of the Army Chief and DGISI to reform their institutions, to identify such dirty and vile people and bring them to book, to stop this heinous act so that the daughters of the nation are systematically killed. The ongoing state-sponsored immoral organized crime can be avoided because it is contrary to the law of nature and the blessing of the nations is removed.

Such heinous acts spoil generations of the nation and we are suffering and will continue to suffer the effects. Therefore, by ending such abominable acts, bring the unscrupulous characters to the kafir role so that the daughters of the nation can get protection in their own homeland, they can live their life with dignity and the reputation of the army and the country is being harmed. can be treated.

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