Major General Ijaz Amjad was a Qadiani-Ahmadi (see herein at the 23:16 mark)(Col. Akbar claims that Major General Ijaz Amjad was forced to re-marry his own wife before he made the rank of General), he seems to be the younger brother of Major General Iftikhar Khan Janjua. There was a book about the partition that the Ahmadiyya Movement presented to the British government in 1947, at that time, his name was written as Captain Iftikhar Khan Janjua, he is listed as Ahmadi number #20, page 465. We think Major General Ijaz Amjad is Ahmadi #159, 2nd Lt. Ijaz Ahmad (See page 468)(unconfirmed). At the 28:45 mark, Col. Akbar admits that he grew up around Qadiani’s and even in 2023, his best friends are Qadiani’s. At the 29:54 mark he admits that General Qamar Javed Bajwa married a Qadiani woman. Col. Akbar made another video about the harassment that he is facing from Ahmadi’s after these comments, see herein, again he confirms that there are countless qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the Pakistani Army. He opines how Qadianis don’t allow constructive criticism. He again tells the world that Qamar Javed Bajwa’s father-in-law is a confirmed Qadiani. 

There are a few other Ahmadi generals, they are General Abdul Ali Malik and General Akhtar Hussain Malik (these 2 are also brothers) and Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry. There isn’t a lot of data out there on his life, which might be because he quit Ahmadiyya. Nevertheless, he is yet another Ahmadi who served in the Pakistani military, in a book, Air battle of Pakistan commissioned by then Air Marshal Nur Khan, there are references to Ahmadi Pilots. According to Air commodore (later Air Marshal) Abdur Rahim a dangerous Air mission was planned and volunteers were asked and it was clear that it is possible none of the pilots would be able to come back, among dozens of officers only five pilots volunteered and all of them were Ahmadis and all of them returned safely after the mission was accomplished.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His son-in-law

Interestingly enough, his son-in-law is General Qamar Javed Bajwa ( born 11 November 1960).  We are unsure if his wife is still an Ahmadi. They may have left Ahmadiyya, it is really unknown. When Ahmadi’s leave Ahmadiyya, that news is not publicized. His wife’s name is unknown. At the 29:54 mark he admits that General Qamar Javed Bajwa married a Qadiani woman.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The famous Ahmadi Generals

The first ever Ahmadi General was General Nazir Ahmad (1947), he was mentioned in the famous list of 199 Ahmadi officers that was presented to the boundary commission in 1947. Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad was also mentioned in the list, he is a grandson of MGA. After him came General Abdul Ali Malik and General Akhtar Hussain Malik (these 2 are brothers), Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, Major General Iftikhar Janjua, Major General Ijaz Amjad, Brigadier General Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman, the Lahori-Ahmadi Major General Abdul Saeed Khan, and we are still adding to the list. There were also those were super trusted by the colonist back in 1947, they were Major Malik Habib-ullah (who died at the age of a 100) (from Dhulmial), Captain Nizam ud Din (he was the father of Brigadier General Mohammad Iqbal Khan) and Captain Umar Hayat (father of Commander Yousaf), Major-General Nasir Ahmad Chaudhry is another. In terms of Medical Doctors, Dr. Major Shah Nawaz, Commander Dr. Abdul Latif (ww-2 era) were some of the first. During Zia’s era, Lt-Gen Mahmood-ul-Hassan and his protege Major General Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noori who was probably the last Qadiani to make it to the rank of General.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Famous Ahmadi officer’s who almost made General

Major Syed Maqbool Ahmad was a colleague of Zia and one of the founders of ISI.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nasir Ahmad Faruqi (a Lahori-Ahmadi)

He was the principal secretary for Ayub Khan from 1959 to 1969 as well as Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan for the 1965 election, which was totally rigged. The elections in Pakistan were under his control in 1970 also.
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