Mirza Ghulam Ahmad cursed those who do not obey the ulu’l-amr (see 4:59 of the Quran, 4:60 in the Qadiani Quran) and designates the British Government as the ulu’l-amr for his community.︱Pages 36-37 in “The Need for an Imam” published in 1898. A few years later, in 1902, via the Review of Religions (ROR) of February 1902 (see page 47), MGA and his group of Ahmadi’s declared that the British Government was their temporal (relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs) Khalifa. In 1916, the same argument was repeated in British-Mauritius. The ROR of July-1916 has a report from the Ahmadiyya secretary in Mauritius. He reports that the new governor (Henry Hesketh Bell) has arrived in British-Mauritius and the Ahmadiyya Movement immediately sent a delegation of 5 Ahmadi’s to meet him and his team. This letter was published in the ROR and other local newspaper in Mauritius. In this letter, the Ahmadi’s of Mauritius tell the new governor how MGA forced Ahmadi’s to be grateful to the King/Queen of England. And thus, Ahmadi’s are living this in reality, the letter goes on to declare King George the 5th as the temporal Khalifa of the Ahmadi’s and Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad as their religious Khalifa. A man named Mr. Noorooyah reported about some alleged converts from Christianity. The Ahmadiyya community was sad at the death of Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener. Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) gives condolences and prays for the success of the British government, the 2nd Khalifa said the same.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never recognized the Khilafat of the Sultan of Turkey (aka the Ottoman Empire)(See the ROR of Mar-April of 1916), the 2nd Khalifa acknowledged this fact in a letter written to Charles Hardinge, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst, the 2nd Khalifa also claimed to be a loyal and obedient servant. The ROR of February-1916 has an article, “What the Ahmadiyya Movement Has Done for the Government”, in this essay, the Ahmadiyya Movement is totally brownnosing. When King George died in 1936, the ROR of Feb-1936 eulogized him as a just ruler. They also alleged that when King George visited India in 1921, 25,000 Ahmadi’s presented him with a gift. In the ROR of Nov-Dec-1936, Mirza Bashir Ahmad is quoted as well as his book, in this book, he claimed that a temporal Khalifa can abdicate (leave his throne). The ROR of Aug-1937 alleges discusses temporal khilafat vs. spiritual khilafat and the differences.

Scan of Pages 36-37 in “The Need for an Imam” published in 1898

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In 1916, Ahmadi’s believed that King George the 5th was their temporal Khalifa


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