The ROR of January-1916 tells the world that the Ahmadiyya Movement is nothing without the support of the British Government, this was in an article entitled, “God Bless the British Government”. This is no secret, it’s a fact, even though Ahmadis refuse to admit to it. This article mentions the death penalty which was meted out to Syed Abdul Latif and his disciple (Abdur Rahman)(12-13 years ago)(read my essay on the history of Ahmadiyya in Afghanistan). This was during WW-1, Ahmadi’s were so loyal to the British that the British allowed them to open in Mauritius, Sri Lanka and London. In fact, they even called the King of England as their temporal Khalifa. The Ahmadiyya Movement has continued with this trend, in 1984, the 4th Khalifa moved to London and lived under asylum until his death.

The ROR of January-1916 also tells the world that back in 1912, Ahmadi’s were persecuted so severely that some had to ruin for their lives, this was in the Malabar region of India, this was specifically about Cannanore. British authorities came to their rescue.

They continue to write how the British Government was a god-send, and without them the Mirza family business would be over. It continues to report that a Miss Annie Besant, editor of the “New India” wrote against the Ahmadiyya Movement. She seems to have called it teenagers fighting each other. Another local newspaper, “The West Coast Reformer” writes on Dec-22-1915. This newspaper tells us about a high-officer in the British military who want’s Ahmadiyya writings spread into the N.W.F.P., this proves that the British Government wanted Ahmadiyya propaganda to be published everywhere.

It also alleges that there are 2000 Ahmadi’s in Cannanore. It seems that Ahmadi’s were expelled from a mosque that they tried to take over by Sultan Ali Raja (aka Ali Raja or Adi Raja was the title of the Muslim king of Arakkal kingdom from the sixteenth to early nineteenth century). Mr. Innes immediately issued an order that Ahmadi’s should get free land for a temple and graveyard. 2 additional newspapers, “The Onlooker” and “Cochin Argus”, dated Dec-16-1915 also tells the same, they go further and tells the world that Sultan Ali Raja land was confiscated and given to Ahmadi’s. The British authorities pressed Sultan Ali Raja to post an announcement in all of the mosques under his control wherein it would be said to stop persecuting Ahmadi’s. However, the Sultan Ali Raja refused and told the British authorities that he was unaware of any persecution vs. Ahmadi’s. British authorities then threatened Sultan Ali Raja to stop the persecution of Ahmadi’s, if not, he would use “The Defense of India Act” and get his imam’s deported. “New India” newspaper is quoted again, as well as the “The West Coast Spectator” dated Nov-11-1915, it mentions how a police officer, Mr. Windle is helping Ahmadi’s and making sure they are not molested. These newspapers seem to argue over this entire situation.

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