A journalist with the Toronto Sun named Brad Hunter is reporting on how the Ahmadiyya Maulvi Rana Luqman was given 30+ years for sex crimes against children, the Toronto Sun also tweeted the story. Feel free to contact Brad Hunter herein: and @HunterTOSun.

Muhammad Luqman Rana has been sentenced to 30 years in a U.S. prison for child pornography and extortion of underage girls.



HUNTER: Vaughan missionary caged 30 years for child porn, extortion

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Somewhere along his path to devotion, Muhammad Luqman Rana came off the rails

A long, horrific descent from piety to perversion.
On Monday in Maryland, the 33-year-old Vaughan preacher came crashing down to earth as a U.S. judge hammered him with a 30-year federal prison sentence for child pornography and extortion.According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, in Luqman Rana’s guilty plea, he confessed all.From June 2014 to June 2016, Luqman Rana — an Ahmadi missionary — “used a free online chat website to target adult and minor victims living in the United States and Canada to produce sexually explicit images.”

In the United States, teen girls aged 12 to 17 from Maryland, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Washington, and New York, were tricked by Luqman Rana over the chat forum into believing he was a young male.

Once they had taken the Tiger Beat bait, he coerced them into “producing sexually explicit images.”Investigators said the convicted man did not let the grass under his feet grow for long. He was suspected of contacting dozens of other teenage girls using the same sick ruse “to produce sexually explicit images and/or live streams.”Cops say that Luqman Rana “surreptitiously captured two of the minor victims changing in their bedrooms after they had accidentally left their webcams on after chatting with him.”

Once he had the illicit images, he forced the teens to produce sexually explicit images and videos via live transmission and sent them to his email account. He warned the teens he would publicly post the earlier images if they didn’t comply.

Court heard that Luqman Rana’s victims were “terrorized by him almost daily for months, and some for over a year.”The aspiring missionary was arrested on March 24, 2017, for extorting a teenage girl into sending him sexual photos and videos of herself. He was busted after the National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre in Ottawa tipped off cops.York Regional Police executed a search warrant on the missionary’s residence in January 2021 and seized digital information that was made available to detectives in Canada and the U.S. Toronto Police detectives were also involved in the investigation.

Canada later extradited Luqman Rana to the U.S.

According to MMNews.TV, Luqman Rana was a resident of Peace Village, the Canadian headquarters of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. He was in the final year of a seven-year-long missionary course.

Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada reportedly prepares Ahmadi missionaries, offering a main seven-year program known as Shahid.  Ahmadis are active translators of the Quran and proselytizers of the Islamic faith.Many converts first discover Islam through Ahmadi missionaries.Ahmadi sources told MMINews that after his 2017 arrest, Rana was ousted from the Jamaat but was later restored and assigned to a Mississauga mosque.

Of course, facing decades in an American prison, Luqman Rana will no doubt ask for a transfer back to Canada where his tough sentence would undoubtedly turn to dust. After all, if it was a Canadian deal, he’d already be sprung on time served.

But sadly for poor Luqman Rana, the government is wising up and shutting off the tap on its soft-on-crime goodies that send Canadians around the twist.

No, he will be decades older by the time he’s sprung and a lot less likely to harm another child.

And when that happens? U.S. District Judge Paula Xinis sweetened the pot with lifetime supervised release.


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