Just a few days ago, Razi Ullah Noman, the Qadiani-Ahmadi-Maulvi-Youtuber tweeted about not caring about the truth and simply click baiting people with Ahmadiyya propaganda. He also claiming that Ahmadi’s came to the USA because they can’t do tabligh (in Pakistan), however, he forgets that in India they can do tabligh but simply don’t do it. Razi also admitted to created false propaganda in an attempt to humiliate Muslims all around the world. At the end, he urges other Qadiani-Ahmadi to behave in the same way, and simply use false Ahmadiyya arguments and never care to find the truth.

Razi also talked about his safety, however, in the recent video’s he has made, he can be seen chasing Maulvi’s around begging for answers to his silly queries. In this video, you can see Razi harassing a Taxi driver. Sharif Odeh recently commented in Canada how Ahmadi’s in Israel are also on the offensive these days!

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(1) Razi on Twitter: “Many have been messaging me that it is dangerous to do tabligh in public and the maulvis can physically harm me. We moved to these countries so that we can do tabligh. These discussions are so the public can learn about Islam Ahmadiyya through social media and see that mullahs…” / X


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