MGA and his team of writers wrote this book in 1898 (See Hidden Treasures). It was a short booklet of about 40 pages in Urdu. We have found a rare english translation of this book which was also published in 1898, this translation had been lost over the years. Its about 43 pages in english, of which we have about half posted in the below and was printed at the Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian. In 2016, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s translated the book into english, however, they changed the word “swoon” to “unconsciousness”.

MGA and his team found out about the case instituted against him (by Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi) between December 10 and 15, 1898 and this book was published on December 27, 1898. Batalvi had even asked the British Government if he could carry a pistol, citing fanatical Ahmadi’s that might kill him as a the reason.

An announcement from Nov 28th, 1898 is also published inside this book. Yuz Asaf is mentioned in this book as well as MGA’s theft of the swoon theory (see page 25). This seems to be the first time that MGA mentioned the “swoon-theory”, this was also pointed out by Dr. Griswold in 1902. The “Marham-i-Esa” medicine is also discussed. Jafar Zatalli is also mentioned in this book.

wiki – The Kashf-ul-Ghita (



Kashf-ul-Ghita’, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 14, pp. 191-192

“””I am the humble one who has been sent to sow the seed of true purity in the hearts of men, like the holy servant of God in the time of the Roman Empire nearly nineteen hundred years ago, who was sent to preach true salvation to the people of Galilee. Having endured great suffering at the hands of the Jews at the time of Pilate, he had to migrate from Judea, according to the eternal way of God Almighty. He came to India to convey the message of God to the Jews, who after the dispersal of Babylone, had come to these countries. At the age of 120, he departed from this mortal world and returned to his True Beloved, and Kashmir had the great honour of being his burial place. How fortunate are Srinagar, Anmoza and the Mohalla of Khanyar, unto whose blessed dust that eternal prince and righteous Prophet of God committed his holy body, and enabled many a dweller of Kashmir to partake of true salvation and eternal life. May the glory of God be with him forever, Amin.”””
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