MGA and his team of writers made up a silly lie about Arabic being the mother tongue of humans. Ahmadiyya sources claim that this began in 1895 (See Dard pages 439-443) and wasn’t completed until 1922 and then published by the 2nd Khalifa (Dard also alleges that an advertisement for this book was attached to Nur ul Quran). This book was originally in Arabic (with a translation in Urdu), the english translation was created and published in 1979 by the Ahmadiyya Movement in Nigeria.
See Hidden Treasures
(Minanur-Rahman, pp. 68-69, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, pp. 193-194)

“”Glory be to Arabic, how beautiful is its countenance looking out of perfectly-illumined mantles! The earth has been brightened with its exalted lights, and it has been proved to possess the climax of the yearnings of man. In it are found wonders of the All-Wise and Powerful Maker, as they are found in everything which proceeds from the Great Creator. Allah has perfectly all its limbs and has not left out anything from its beauty and splendour, and no doubt you will find it perfect in expression, comprising all the objectives of man. There is no action that begins at any period of time, nor is there any attribute out of the attributes of Allah, the Bestower, nor is there any doctrine out of the doctrines of mankind, but there is in Arabic an elementary word apposite to it. Should you have a doubt let us know the contrary.””  

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