On July 11-1887, Noorudin was sending biiiiiig amounts of money to Qadian from Jammu. In the below, we have a reference from Maktubat wherein MGA was telling Noorudin that he recieved the first half of a 500 rupee note and that it was OK to send the other half. Furthermore, the 500 rupee note seemed to be the biggest amount of money in cash available in British India in 1887.

“Today half the field note has reached, five hundred rupees, because it is rainy season, if please
send the second piece in the registered letter, then the rupee should reach some carefully.”

Khaksar Ghulam Ahmed by Qadian 11 July 1887
(Maktobat Ahmadiyya, Vol. 5, p. 2, p. 35)


Image : Half note


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