At the 1915 Jalsa at Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa gave a speech wherein he told that if he wasn’t the Khalifa, he would volunteer in the British military. He also claims that many Ahmadi’s are soldiers for the British and none of them have died yet in WW-1 in Europe (see ROR of Sep-1915). He also said that it is rude to speak against the British Government. He then compares himself to Hazrat Umar (ra) and how Umar (ra) had said that if he wasn’t the Khalifa, he would be a muezzin. He also claims that MGA’s book, “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” has been translated into French. The ROR of Sep-1916 reports that Brother Dr. Abdullah from Rouen has been spreading the French translation of “The Teachings of Islam”. The ROR of Sep-1916 reports that Brother Dr. Abdullah from Rouen has been spreading the French translation of “The Teachings of Islam”.

My Commentary on these additional quotes from Anwar-e-Khilafat (See the scans and quotes in the below). 

He mentions a situation (in 1912–1915) in Malabar wherein Ahmadi’s were not considered Muslim by the local Muslim ruler and Ahmadi’s were expelled from a mosque that they tried to take over. The British Government stepped in and forcibly took land from Sultan Ali Raja aka Ali Raja or Adi Raja, this was the title of the Muslim king of Arakkal kingdom from the sixteenth to early nineteenth century)(see The ROR of January-1916) and gave it to Ahmadi’s. The famous Mrs. Annie Besant objected to this entire situation. Check out my detailed essay on the history of Ahmadiyya in South India herein. The ROR of January-1916 tells the world that the Ahmadiyya Movement is nothing without the support of the British Government, this was in an article entitled, “God Bless the British Government”. This was during WW-1, Ahmadi’s were so loyal to the British that the British allowed them to open in Mauritius, Sri Lanka and London. In fact, they even called the King of England as their temporal Khalifa. The Ahmadiyya Movement has continued with this trend, in 1984, the 4th Khalifa moved to London and lived under asylum until his death. Mr. Innes immediately issued an order that Ahmadi’s should get free land for a temple and graveyard. 2 additional newspapers, “The Onlooker” and “Cochin Argus”, dated Dec-16-1915 also tells the same, they go further and tells the world that Sultan Ali Raja land was confiscated and given to Ahmadi’s. The British authorities pressed Sultan Ali Raja to post an announcement in all of the mosques under his control wherein it would be said to stop persecuting Ahmadi’s. However, the Sultan Ali Raja refused and told the British authorities that he was unaware of any persecution vs. Ahmadi’s. British authorities then threatened Sultan Ali Raja to stop the persecution of Ahmadi’s, if not, he would use “The Defense of India Act” and get his imam’s deported.  “New India” newspaper is quoted again, as well as the “The West Coast Spectator” dated Nov-11-1915, it mentions how a police officer, Mr. Windle is helping Ahmadi’s and making sure they are not molested. These newspapers seem to argue over this entire situation. The ROR of February-1916 reports that the British Government gave the Ahmadiyya Movement a free graveyard and a huge plot of land to build a temple, for free. This was a trend in these days. The ROR of March-April-1916 alleges that there were lots of opposition by Muslims, however, the Cannanore Ahmadiyya temple is about to get built in the Malabar region.

This can be found in “Anwar-e-Khilafat”, which is a summary of this Jalsa speech. “Anwar-e-Khilafat” is available online at the Qadiani website in the collection Anwar-ul-‘Uloom, v. 3, no. In this speech, he reminded Ahmadi’s of the favors that the British Government has given Ahmadi‘s. He even quoted MGA and said that MGA said that loyalty to the British Government was mandatory (MGA had added them into his bait form). In 1915, the 2nd Khalifa even called the British Government as the shield (See Al-Fadl, October 19, 1915) of the Ahmadiyya Movement, he also claimed that MGA called the British Government as his sword.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad cursed those who do not obey the ulu’l-amr (see 4:59 of the Quran, 4:60 in the Qadiani Quran) and designates the British Government as the ulu’l-amr for his community.︱Pages 36-37 in “The Need for an Imam” published in 1898. A few years later, in 1902, via the Review of Religions (ROR) of February 1902 (see page 47), MGA and his group of Ahmadi’s declared that the British Government was their temporal (relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs) Khalifa. In 1916, the same argument was repeated in British-Mauritius. The ROR of July-1916 has a report from the Ahmadiyya secretary in Mauritius. He reports that the new governor (Henry Hesketh Bell) has arrived in British-Mauritius and the Ahmadiyya Movement immediately sent a delegation of 5 Ahmadi’s to meet him and his team. This letter was published in the ROR and other local newspaper in Mauritius. In this letter, the Ahmadi’s of Mauritius tell the new governor how MGA forced Ahmadi’s to be grateful to the King/Queen of England. And thus, Ahmadi’s are living this in reality, the letter goes on to declare King George the 5th as the temporal Khalifa of the Ahmadi’s and Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad as their religious Khalifa. A man named Mr. Noorooyah reported about some alleged converts from Christianity. The Ahmadiyya community was sad at the death of Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener. Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) gives condolences and prays for the success of the British government, the 2nd Khalifa said the same.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never recognized the Khilafat of the Sultan of Turkey (aka the Ottoman Empire)(See the ROR of Mar-April of 1916), the 2nd Khalifa acknowledged this fact in a letter written to Charles Hardinge, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst, the 2nd Khalifa also claimed to be a loyal and obedient servant. The ROR of February-1916 has an article, “What the Ahmadiyya Movement Has Done for the Government”, in this essay, the Ahmadiyya Movement is totally brownnosing. When King George died in 1936, the ROR of Feb-1936 eulogized him as a just ruler. They also alleged that when King George visited India in 1921, 25,000 Ahmadi’s presented him with a gift. In the ROR of Nov-Dec-1936, Mirza Bashir Ahmad is quoted as well as his book, in this book, he claimed that a temporal Khalifa can abdicate (leave his throne). The ROR of Aug-1937 alleges discusses temporal khilafat vs. spiritual khilafat and the differences.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Anwar Khilafat page 97

“”Loyalty to Government

There is another special thing which is also very important to mention because Hazrat
Sahib has repeatedly stressed about it. I have explained about it in the previous meeting and it is the loyalty of the government. This government has great favors on us. I have repeatedly heard from the mouth of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that this government has
so many favors on us that if we do not show loyalty to it and help it, we will be very disloyal. I also say that we should be loyal to the government with all our heart and soul.””


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Anwar Khilafat page 98

“”If I hear something from someone that is against the government, I shudder. Because it is very rude to talk about this kind of thing, it should be well remembered that if it was not for this government, we don’t know what problems would have happened for us. Only a few days ago, the condition of our Malabar Ahmadis became very alarming and their boys were stopped from attending schools. Their dead were prevented from being buried, so one dead lay there for several days. Banned from mosques. Trade has been closed, but this Government has given such assistance that even if we had an empire of our own, we could not do more. And that is that the government, seeing the suffering of Ahmadis, has given land from its side to build a mosque and a cemetery in it, but the king there did not stop even on this and he raised the question that this land is mine, I am not giving it. And it was also written that if you build a building on it, you will be punished. And he also said that you people should come forward and tell why you should not be boycotted because the scholars have issued a fatwa that you are not a Muslim. On this, the Ahmadis applied to the government, then the Deputy Commissioner gave an order that if the Ahmadis face any problem, all the leaders of the Muslims will be deported under the new law. He cannot come out of the mouth except from the mouth of the one who has compassion for mankind in his heart. So this new behavior has been done by this government with your Mala Bari brothers. And whoever does good to one’s brother does it to him. So when Malabari Ahmadis are our brothers, how much should we be kind to the government. Then, one of our preachers has gone to Mauritius, who used to shut down non-Ahmadis wherever he wanted to give lectures. Finally, he requested the government for a government hall, then the governor ordered that you can give lectures in this hall three days a week. Go or government half day of Saturday our He gave it to the preacher and kept half for himself.”””


_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Anwar Khilafat page 99

“””Therefore, for a government that is so kind, no matter how loyal you can be is not enough.

Once Hazrat Umar (RA) said that if the burden of caliphate was not on me, I would have become a Muazzin (Call for prayer)

“Likewise I say that if I were not the Caliph, so too would I go to war as a volunteer”

by this time The government is in great need of men. Therefore, from whomever a service can be rendered Must do. We have benefited a lot from this war. Many of our Ahmadi friends They have gone to the battlefield, but by the grace of God, not a single one has died yet. Then those friends who are in the battlefield of France are also doing a good job of preaching are He has translated Teachings of Islam into French and published it. Besides that Many other tracts have been written and published in French. So if someone goes to the battlefield It will be as if we will have a free preacher at the expense of the government. So if anyone wants to go, sure It’s a great job. As many Ahmadis have asked me to go on a fight Yes, I have gladly given them permission. And has said that if you with this good intention It will be said that we are going to serve the government and at the same time preach the religion If you do, God Almighty will be your guardian and protect you from every pain. So, this is an opportunity for the government, which God Almighty may join.

(Note) Since the time for Maghrib prayer was very near. That is why Hazrat Khalifa
He ended the speech here and said that there were many things but there was not enough time to speak about them.”””


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